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HIST 1112: March 10, 2016

by: Shaynah Hilaire

HIST 1112: March 10, 2016 hist 1112

Marketplace > Georgia State University > History > hist 1112 > HIST 1112 March 10 2016
Shaynah Hilaire
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About this Document

These notes are notes we took before going on Spring Break, just in case you weren't able to attend class.
Sur of World Hist Since 1500
Bryan Banks
Class Notes
HIST 1112




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shaynah Hilaire on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to hist 1112 at Georgia State University taught by Bryan Banks in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Sur of World Hist Since 1500 in History at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 02/11/16
 Age of Revolutions: Europe & Latin America:  Question: What were the common causes and tendencies of the nineteenth century Latin American and European Revolutions? o Disastrous harvests, general discontent with the state, and liberal ideologies inspired by the American and French Revolutions caused these revolutions. th o Most 19 revolutions implemented their own constitutions and republican governments, but ultimately fell to conservative tendencies (dictatorship or traditional monarchs).  Preconditions for Revolution: o Bad harvests o General discontent with the state  Taxes  Conscription  Napoleonic wars  Religion o New liberalism  Liberalism o Legacy of American/French Revolutions o Elective legislative body  Based on a limited franchise o Freedom of speech/ print o Laissez-faire  Adam Smith o Nationalism  Conservatism o Divine Right o Moral and Social Control o Weakness:  Small support base  Revolutions in South America o Napoleonic Peninsular war  Spain and Portugal o Simon Bolivar  Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador  Grand Columbia o First republic in South America  Dictatorship  “Boliva” o Republics replaced by aristocratic dictators  July Revolution of 1830 o Napoleon’s Downfall o Bourbon Restoration  King Charles X  Ultra-Catholic Measures o King Louis-Phillippe  Supports Liberals and Merchant Class  Revolution in France, 1848 o Bad Harvests o Electoral reform nd o 2 French Republic  Rise of socialism  Louis Blanc  “National Workshops”  Constitution o Rise of Louis Napoleon: Right to Work  Plebiscite: a vote where you can only answer the questions with yes or no  Revolution in the German States o Bad Harvests/Word from France o “March Governments” o Frankfurt Parliament o Basic Rights of the German People o Prussian King Shuts down o FAILURE  Revolution in Austria o Bad harvests/word from France o Ethnic Nationalism  Hungarians  Lajos Kossuth  Czechs o Abolishment of Feudalism  Robot o Austrian crown shuts down o FAILURE  Revolution in the Italian States o Bad harvests/ word from France o Piedmont Sardinia  Prince Charles Albert o Papal States o Roman Republic  Defeated by French Forces o French forces shut down o FAILURE  What do we learn from series of failed revolutions? o Now we enter the “Age of Mass Politics”


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