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New Guinea Notes

by: Savannah McNealy

New Guinea Notes ART 316

Savannah McNealy

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About this Document

week 4, New Guinea
Art of the Pacific
Dr. David Riep
Class Notes
Art History
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Savannah McNealy on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 316 at Colorado State University taught by Dr. David Riep in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Art of the Pacific in Art History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/11/16
New  Guinea Tuesday,  February  9,  212:38  PM Immense  diversity Artistic  Themes:  New  Guinea • Sculpture  and  painting  generally  used  in  religious  contexts • Images  or  symbols  of  supernatural  beings • Arts  almost  exclusively  linked  with  men's  activities:  initiation,  hunting  rites,  war,   agricultural  increase Ancestral  Figure • Papua  New  Guinea • Sawos  people • Wan/Waken:  NOT  newly  deceased  ancestors,  founding  fathers/mothers  of  a   particular  culture/family ○ Viewed  as  dangerous/potent ○ Typically  associated  with  warfare,  agriculture ○ Physically  has  the  ability  to  impact/change  life ○ Kept  in  the  men's  ceremonial  meeting  house ○ Known  by  name Arts  of  the  Asmat (Indonesia,  Papua  Province) • Ochre,  white,  black • Fumeripits:  first  being,  carver • Yeu:  mens  house • Jamasj:  battle  shield • Bisj  pole:  memorial  sculpture • Jipae:  masqueraders  of  ancestral  spirits • Praying  mantis:  represent  headhunting • Dagger    (Ndam  Pisuwe) ○ New  guinea ○ Asmat  people ○ Cassowary  feathers • Bisj  Pole ○ New  guinea ○ Asmat  people ○ Asmat  people ○ Cassowary  feathers • Bisj  Pole ○ New  guinea ○ Asmat  people ○ Points  spirits  out  of  this  world ○ Carved  by  men  out  of  a  mangrove  tree ○ 3  components § Main  section:  figures § Base:  typically  looks  like  a  canoe § Projecting  part  cemen:represents  male  fallace § Numerous  images  of  deceased  individuals • Asmat  Sields   jamasj ○ Wood,  pigments ○ Male  artist ○ Motifs:  head  hunting  symbols § Praying  mantis § Flying  fox § Crescent  or  hour  glass  shape:  successful  hunt § S-­‐shape  image:  cut  made  in  victim's  stomach ○ Symbols  meant  to  frighten  the  enemy Ancestor  Boards   yamante • New  guinea • Kamoro  people ○ Geometric  shapes ○ Energetic  rigidity ○ Represent  individuals  who  have  recently  passed  away Ritual  Boards  (abstract  hocker  figure)  WenenaGerua • Papua  new  guinea • The  use  of  color  is  earned • Siane  People ○ Sculpture  is  rare  here ○ You  put  it  on  your  head ○ Linked  to  specific  families • "Pig  Fest" ○ Hosted  by  specific  clans  every  3  years ○ Honors  ancestors ○ Synchronized  with  lunar  cycle ○ Full  moon § Moon  linked  with  women § Full  moon  linked  with  pregnancy § Continuity,  cycle ○ Honors  ancestors ○ Synchronized  with  lunar  cycle ○ Full  moon § Moon  linked  with  women § Full  moon  linked  with  pregnancy § Continuity,  cycle § Ancestors  are  returning  to  the  spirit  world ○ Pigs  are  the  main  sacrificial  animal § When  a  physical  entity  is  killed,  spirit  goes  on § During  the  feasts,  the  pig  souls  are  going  on  with  the  ancestors § Success  of  the  pigs  in  the  afterlife  are  linked  to  physical  herds  of   pigs Male  Figure  Yipwon • New  Guinea • Yiman  People • "hook  figure" Combine  human  figures  with  hook  shapes ○ ○ Primordial  beings • (among  the  yiman  people)  there  are  two  sizes ○ Large § Innermost  part  of  a  men's  house § Owned  collectively  by  clans,  "public" ○ Small § Owned  by  individuals § Charms  for  hunting  success ○ The  sun  came  down  to  the  earth,  made  the  first  men's  house,  pieces  of   the  material  used  for  the  men's  houses  came  alive  and  became  the  sun's   children  (yipwons),  they  killed  the  sun's  relative,  the  yipwons  are  so   scared  of  the  sun  they  became  wooden,  and  when  the  sun  left  the  earth   he  left  them  here  to  help  humans.  They  are  inanimate  objects,  but  you   can  call  spirits  into  them ○ Honors  ancestors ○ Synchronized  with  lunar  cycle ○ Full  moon § Moon  linked  with  women § Full  moon  linked  with  pregnancy § Continuity,  cycle § Ancestors  are  returning  to  the  spirit  world ○ Pigs  are  the  main  sacrificial  animal § When  a  physical  entity  is  killed,  spirit  goes  on § During  the  feasts,  the  pig  souls  are  going  on  with  the  ancestors § Success  of  the  pigs  in  the  afterlife  are  linked  to  physical  herds  of   pigs Male  Figure  Yipwon • New  Guinea • Yiman  People • "hook  figure" Combine  human  figures  with  hook  shapes ○ ○ Primordial  beings • (among  the  yiman  people)  there  are  two  sizes ○ Large § Innermost  part  of  a  men's  house § Owned  collectively  by  clans,  "public" ○ Small § Owned  by  individuals § Charms  for  hunting  success ○ The  sun  came  down  to  the  earth,  made  the  first  men's  house,  pieces  of   the  material  used  for  the  men's  houses  came  alive  and  became  the  sun's   children  (yipwons),  they  killed  the  sun's  relative,  the  yipwons  are  so   scared  of  the  sun  they  became  wooden,  and  when  the  sun  left  the  earth   he  left  them  here  to  help  humans.  They  are  inanimate  objects,  but  you   can  call  spirits  into  them


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