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Anthro week 2 notes

by: Ariel Kamen

Anthro week 2 notes anth 207

Marketplace > Towson University > Liberal Arts > anth 207 > Anthro week 2 notes
Ariel Kamen

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About this Document

These cover what we talked about this week.
cultural anthropology
Scott Buresh
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ariel Kamen on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to anth 207 at Towson University taught by Scott Buresh in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see cultural anthropology in Liberal Arts at Towson University.


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Date Created: 02/11/16
2/9/16                       !Kung San Economy Politics Kinship Sacred Behaviors •women gather • “eadman” • nuclear family • creator/spirits •men hunt • consensus • band (25­50 ppl)       ­ good or bad • • • general  ridicule monogamous reciprocity • respect • family  •consumption is  “exogamy” • band  “exogamy” communal  •migrate • neolocal  •100 sources of  residence • bilateral descent food and shelter •carrying capacity ** when deciding what band to live in they use a “goldie locks” logic or perspective What Does it Mean to be Human? language sets humans apart from other things ­ ­expressing needs and desires  * Dallas Willard      Model of Being Human          ————————————————­> ­our will is what makes us essentially human ­our thoughts and choices *can you do something you’ve never thought of? NO! What to Take Away from the !Kung ­ how important ridicule is in their culture ridicule is a way of learning appropriate behavior ­ 2/11/16                                  Australian Aborigines • the !Kung didn't have elders with specific jobs like the Aborigines did • the jobs included things like a story teller, a painter and the one who takes care of the dead • in the Aborigines culture to learn their knowledge or  “secrets” of the world you must be  initiated • the initiation is a painful mutilation of the male genitalia; however, this doesn't affect urination  or the passing of semen  • women and men have different rituals • what the Aborigines hunt and gather for their bands is different from the !Kung Elders (males;polygamous) / Clans Men (don’t get married until 30­40 years of age due to the elders marrying all the women Women (get married off young; generally when puberty begins) Children                        Girls *exogamy = outside the band endogamy = inside the band • the elders determine when you get married; however, you must be initiated first for them to even consider • unlike the !Kung women who live a neolocal lifestyle (women get to choose where they live), the Aborigines live a patrilocal lifestyle (the women have to live amongst the males choosing) • clan and band exogamy • rituals are for match making; clan members look for other clan members from other bands *How do they determine which clan the child belongs to?     ­ patrilineal (comes from the father) • cross cousins • parallel cousins


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