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Dreaming In Cuba 2/11/16

by: Asia Glenn

Dreaming In Cuba 2/11/16 ESP 333-01

Asia Glenn

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About this Document

Class Lecture notes
Latina Writing
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Asia Glenn on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ESP 333-01 at West Chester University of Pennsylvania taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 75 views.


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Date Created: 02/11/16
1. Fulgencis Batista 1952- 1959 created relationship with U.S economic ties to organized crime human rights violated People didn’t have access to resources Country was a mess 2. Fidel Castro attorney base of operations mountains tried to undo what Batista did took over 1/1/59 wide range of social reforms 75% of agricultural land owned by foreigners land reform gave back to people (peasants) Equal Opportunity for women Family Code- passed in 197... 1980 allowed people to “leave" gave the us people (let out prisons, and hospitals) called the Marielitos 3. Literacy campaign 4. Government Created CDR (Committee for defense of revolution local level spying 5. United States saw Castro’s government as a threat 6. Rich Cuban landowners left in the early stages of the revolution 7. Two Big Waves migration out 1959-1962 Art and Literature "Within the revolution, everything outside the revolution, nothing" The Novel: multiple narrators Celia (letters) Pilar first person multiple genres epistolary (pg.49) non-linear time multiple flashbacks No right way to be cuban offers Multiple possibilities Most important Characters: Celia (protagonist) Lourdes (married to Rufino; Celia’s daughter) Pilar (Lourdes daughter; Celia’s granddaughter) Felicia (Celia’s Daughter) Themes: Family Relationships mother daughter Religion (not really) Love romantic family Longing to belong/ Exile Memory Levels of Reality magic supernatural Conflicts are political and personal Healing Process Name given to Anti- Castro: Gusano Characters: Celia firm supporter of Castro’s government Felt responsible to watch for invaders We see what she feels Connection with Pilar have the most important connection! Communication Dreaming Visions of each other Lourdes has a connection with her father after he dies Rejects Castro’s government Owns a bakery Yankee Doodle Hires immigrants Feels like she can pay them less Fires them lack of commitment lack of english can’t live up to her standards Unlikeable Aggressive Self-righteous Doesn’t want to stay in Miami due to Her mother-in-law and Sisters-in-law pushes family to New York Fat (size 26) started when her father got sick Makes sure father has the best care! spends her savings private nurses Herminia Santería


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