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Class Note for CHEM 1332 with Professor Bott at UH 3


Class Note for CHEM 1332 with Professor Bott at UH 3

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for CHEM 1332 with Professor Bott at UH 3

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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
1332 CHAPTER 17 Sample Problems Important Data Compound AHf S AGf kJmol Jmol K kJmol S02g 301 8030 372 NOg 211 867 N02 g 240 518 NOC1g 264 663 N20g 220 1036 Cr 5 2377 02 g 205138 Cr 203 CH4 7487 1861 5081 H20 2418 1888 2286 C02 3935 2137 3944 H2 0 1307 0 C3H8 245 Predicting Entropy 1 Which change is likely to be accompanied by the greatest increase in entropy A N2 3H2 gt 2NH3 13 AgW l t CHM gt AgClS C C025 gt C02g D H20g gt H200 2 Under which conditions does nitrogen have the largest entropy per mole A Nzs at 50 K and 1 atm B Nz1 at 70 K and 1 atm C Nzg at 80 K and 1 atm D Nzg at 80 K and 05 atm 3 In which process is entropy decreased A dissolving sugar in water B expanding a gas C evaporating a liquid D freezing water 4 Which reaction has the largest positive entropy change per mole of product formed A 85 3Fzg gt SF5g B SOzg NazOs gt Na2S03s C Fe3aq SCN39aq gt FeSCN2aq D H20l gt H20g 5 Which pair of the following has the member with the greater molar entropy listed rst ACOg5002g B NaClSNaCIaq C HzSgHzSaq D LiSanS 6 For each pair of substances at the same temperature choose the one with the HIGHER entropy 1 0 121 ii 12 H i PClag ii PClsg 111 i Mngs ii BaIzs IV i 2 moles of NOzg ii 1 mole of NzO4g A ii 90 by B 9 ii ii ii C ii ii ii ii D 1 11 1 11 E 11 1 11 1 7 Dissolving crystalline ammonium chloride in water lowers the temperature of the solution so for this process A AH is negative and AS is positive B AH is positive and AS is negative C AH is positive and AS is positive D AH is negative and AS is negative E cannot be determined Entropy Calculations 8 The value of AS for the following reaction 2 NOg Clzg gt 2 NOClg is 7117 JK at 25 C What is the entropy of C12 at this temperature A 106 B 11 C 223 D 223 9 Calculate AS in JK for the reaction 4 Cr 3 02 gt 2 Cr203 A 5481 B l477 C 1477 D 5481 General AG 10 Vaporization of a liquid is an example of a process for which A AH AS and AG are positive at all temperatures B AH and AS are positive C AG is negative at low temperatures positive at high temperatures D AH AS 11 A chemical reaction has a negative AH and negative AS Which statement is correct A The reaction is spontaneous at all temperatures B The reaction is nonspontaneous at all temperatures C The reaction becomes spontaneous as temperature increases D The reaction becomes spontaneous as temperature decreases 12 A reaction is spontaneous at all temperatures if A AH and AS are both positive B AH and AS are both negative C AH is positive and AS is negative D AH is negative and AS is positive 13 Which one of the following statements is true about the equilibrium constant for a reaction if AG0 for the reaction is negative A K0 B Kl C Klt1 D Kgtl 2 14 If K is much less than 1 for a given reaction then A AG will have the same number as K B AG is a large negative number C AG is a large positive number D AG is a small negative number E AG is a small positive number 15 Which of the following is NOT true about AGO A If it is negative for a reaction the reaction is spontaneous B If negative it represents the maximum work available from a reaction C It cannot be measured directly in the lab D If it is large and negative K for the reaction is large and positive E If it is negative AH has to be negative also 16 Which of the following is false A The first law of thermodynamics relates to the conservation of energy B The second law of thermodynamics states that a spontaneous process MUST be accompanied by an increase in the entropy of the universe C The third law of thermodynamics states that only a perfect crystal at 0 K can have zero entropy D The standard state of a species is a defined quantity E Complex processes violate the laws of thermodynamics 17 Which of the following statements are TRUE 1 AG is less than zero for a spontaneous process 11 AG is equal to AH TAS 111 AG is the maximum amount of work that can be obtained from a reaction IV There are no instruments that can measure AG directly A III B I and II C all of them D II and III E I and III 18 A spontaneous reaction is A one that starts right away B always an exothermic reaction C always very fast D none of the above E one that proceeds without continuous input of energy 19 Consider the endothermic reaction C2H4g HzOg gt C2H5OHg When would you expect this reaction to be spontaneous A At all temperatures B Above a certain temperature C below a certain temperature D At no temperature E Not enough information given AG Calculations 20 Calculate AG for the reaction MnOz 2 COg cgt Mns 2 COzg given the following values of AGf Idmol MnOzs 4661 COg 1372 COzg 3944 A 2091 k B 483 k C 18551d D 18551d E 3461kJ 3 21 What is AGO for this reaction 2S02g 0263 gt 2SO3g at 298 K A 7142 k B 7200 k C 7744 k D 142 k 22 Determine the value of AG0 in kJ for the reaction 2 NOg 02g gt 2 NOzg at 25 C A 698 B 349 C 1047 D 1047 23 What is the value of AH0 in kJ for the reaction N20 N02 gt 3 NO at 25 C A 1562 B 55 C 532 D 1090 24 For the combustion of one mole of liquid methanol AHquot 726 1d Which answer is closest to AGquot for this combustion at 2500 C Molecule CH30H 02 C02 H20 8quot JK mol 1268 2051 2137 1888 A 1161 k B 726 1d C 291 1d D 291 k E 1161 k 25 At what temperature in K will the reaction of methane with water to give hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide become spontaneous A 658 B 683 C 956 D 1229 26 Calculate the temperature at which the following reaction becomes spontaneous Hzg Izg cgt 2 HI given that AS 1659 JK and AH 518 k A 0K B never C 298K D 312K E 325K 27 Iron was originally smelted from ore by heating it with charcoal Calculate the lowest temperature at which this process could be carried out 2 Fe203s 3 Cs gt 4 Fes 3 COzg AHfCOz 3935 ldmol AHf Fe203 8255 kJmol 3 C 57 JK moi 3 Fe 273 JK moi 3 C02 2137 JK moi 3 Fe203 874JK mol A 10612 C B 8426 C C 2646 C D 5695 C E 084 C 28 Coupling of the two reactions below affords the overall reaction Fe3O4s 2 C gt 3 Fes 2 C02 g What is the value of AG0 for this reaction 1 Fe3O4s gt 3 Fes 2 02 g AGO 10142 k 2 023 C gt C02 g AGO 3944 k A 7882 B 7882 C 2254 D 6198 29 Given that AGO for Ba2aq is 75607 for CO3239aq is 75281 and for BaCO3s is 71139 all in kJ calculate Ksp for BaCO3 at 25 C A 586 B 63 x108 C 159 x10399 D 218 x103927 30 Calculate the value of AGquot for a reaction for which Kc 50 X 108 at 25 C A 50 k B 22 1d C 42 k D 25 k E 49500 k 31 Given that AGf for IBr is 13 kJmol calculate K for the reaction at 25 C 1 Brz cgt 2 IBr A 100 B 059 C 13 D 37 X 10396 E 035 32 A particular reaction has an equilibrium constant of 048 at 25 C What is the value of AG0 in kJ A 18 B 42 C 150 D 42 33 Calculate AG0 in 1d for the combustion of propane C3H8 A 5985 B 5985 C 20731 D 20731 34 AH0 1314 k and AGO 912 k for the reaction Cs H20g gt C02g Hzg Calculate AS0 in JK for this reaction at 25 C A 135 B 16 C 16 D 135 ANSWERS 1C2D3D4D5C6A7C8C9A10B11D12D13D14C15E16E17C18E19D 20B21A22A23A24A25C26D27D28C29C30A31E 32A33C34D


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