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Psych 245 Week 3 Notes

by: Samantha Jo Butterfield

Psych 245 Week 3 Notes Psychology 245

Samantha Jo Butterfield

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About this Document

Week 3 Notes
Social Psychology
Dr. Goodman
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Jo Butterfield on Thursday February 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psychology 245 at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire taught by Dr. Goodman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


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Date Created: 02/11/16
Chhaapterr11 SooccallPssychhologgical Meethoddologgy M 2.1 o F 2.5 1 Hypothess – a esearcherspredicon aboutwhaatheor she wiilndl ffiin 2 Descriptive methods – measure or record behaviors, thoughts or feelings in their natural state. Experimental methods - manipulate social processes by varying some aspect of the situation. 3 Soociallpsycchologgsts usse fve mmaajor typess ofdeescrrptvee meethodds 1. Naturalistic Observation 2. Case Studies 3. Archives 4. Surveys 5. Psychological Tests 4 Prros of Deescriptvee (Maatch to Meethod)) 1. Behavior is spontaneous and uncontrolled 2. Cheap and less time-consuming 3. Able to collect large amount of data quickly 4. Questions can be standardized to known outcomes 5. In depth information about an individual 6. Avoids the need to “ask” people for info 7. Able to study things not observable Coons offDeesccrptive (Maatch to Meethodd) 1. Observer Bias – researcher finds exactly what he/she hoped to find 2. Difficult to Generalize to broader population 3. Social Desirability – people respond in a socially acceptable and appropriate way 4. Sample may not be Representative 5. Many interesting things never recorded 6. Reliability and validity issues 7. Hawthorne Effect 7 Vaariable A Vaariabble B TV)) (Aggrron))ssiio 8 9 Exxpermeennt- essearcherrsystemaattcalylly maanipulates onne source of nfluencee whhie holding others connstant. Indepeendenntvarrablee •varable manipulaeddby the experimenter Deppenddent varabbele •varable meassueddby the experimenter 10 Labboratory experrmeents nvvovee he direct maanipulaton off(ndeependdent) vaarables annd hee observatton oftheirr effects on the behaavorrof other (deppenddent)vaarables. •Reennard 20000)– chickensouup 11 Mundane Realism – does the lab resembble hee eaalwoord?d ExxperimenntalReealsm –– are paartcpaants enngagged” n the study? 12 Field experrmeents involve the maannpuuatton offnddepeendennt varrables ussngg unknoowing paartcipants n naaturalsettnggs. •Ruuback & Juenng(19977)– erriorall defense ofpaaking spaces 13 Internallvaldity–– exenntto which an expeermeenttalowso confdenntstatemeents abouttcause andd efectt Exxternalvaaldiy – exenntto which the essuls ofana experimenntcan beegeeneralzed to other crcumsstancess 14 Random assignment – practice of assigning subjects to treatments so each subject has an equal chance of being in any condition 15 Connouund – varable hattsysemaatcaly changes aonngwiih he nddependenntvarable,, potentaly eading o a misakeen concluson aboutthe independenntt varablee Demmannd characcerrstcs – cues hattmakkesubjectsawaareoffhow heeexpeermenner expects hem to behave 16 Ethicss n Reeseearchh PeesonnalSpace Invasonns n he Lavatory:: Suuggestve Evidence forArousall Middlemiis, Knoowles, & Maaterr(19766) • People seek to maintain a comfortable personal space from others • How do we respond to invasion? 17 Whhy do spacce nvaasonns result nsuuch beehavioralchhangees? Theey hypotheeszeed haat: Arrousaal Invasionn Beehaavior 18


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