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HMGT 3750 Module 2 Notes

by: Kiera Howard

HMGT 3750 Module 2 Notes HMGT 3750

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Hospitality > HMGT 3750 > HMGT 3750 Module 2 Notes
Kiera Howard
GPA 3.95
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About this Document

Electrical Systems and HVAC
Facilities Management
Dr. David Rivera
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiera Howard on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HMGT 3750 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. David Rivera in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Facilities Management in Hospitality at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 02/12/16
HMGT 3750 *Nootes romm tegrrty videoss.Seee PoweerPooints orraddditonnal nforrmaation Electrical Systems Most Energy Usage • Heating and cooling of an entire property tend to be the most expensive energy users of a hotel property • Lighting systems are another big energy user • Hot water usage is another issue when people take long hot showers • Preparing hot meals when there is a full service restaurant because there is a lot of electricity needed to do so • If the property has a swimming pool this is another high energy use (pumps running non stop and heating systems) • Trying to cut down on usage for these things Voltage • Measures how strong electricity is Phases • Lets you know what is going to be hot o For example if you are going to change a light bulb, if the wiring was done incorrectly, simply turning the light off might not be enough, you have to switch the breaker Feeders • You can overload the circuit and hear a “pop” o This usually happens during Christmas when people try to plug too many things in • If you use feeders, they split the electricity up and make you less likely to overload the circuit Electrical Equipment • Behind a TV, stereo, couches, etc. are the most dangerous places because they are not checked often and collect dust/debris • This dust/debris can catch fire • Also why you should clean out the dryer exhaust • Keep these areas clean and free of debris and check them often Fuses and Circuit Breakers • If there is too much current, these will stop the system and cut off the electrical circuit to avoid a fire • Circuits can be reset and are better than fuses Electrical Maintenance • Locking service circuits that are being worked on helps to prevent accidental energizing of circuits Electrical Problems for Hotels • Drawing un-necessary electricity o The natural light phenomena is when there is a space designed to use natural lighting (big windows, etc.) but people turn on the lights to stop a glare • People don’t go through the normal check of electrical systems which can cause issues to go unnoticed • If a neighboring business has electrical issues, the property might want to make the neighbors aware because if their building were to catch fire, it could expand to the next building Required by Law • All hospitality facilities should have a generator in order to keep fire pumps running and to keep communication with the outside world Demand Charge • Electricity usage goes up in the middle of the day so the companies charge more for the highest volume times • This is the reason that properties have tried to use supplemental methods in order to avoid these charges • Based on the highest 15 minute peak during the previous month • The charges will range depending on the size of the property 30-70% • Different charges depending on the season • Charged in all states but differ in each place Impacts on Demand • Electric car charging stations are becoming more popular to be more environmentally friendly but are using more electricity • The weather is changing and becoming consistently warmer causing people to use air conditioning systems longer than in the past Demand Charge Adjustments • Avoid doing laundry during peak times at the day • Energy star equipment is more expensive but better and cheaper in the long run Effect of Deregulation • Is a hotel is using a certain electrical company they and bargain with another to get better rates (you can choose your utility company) HVAC HVAC • Stands for: heating ventilation and air conditioning Convection Heat Loss • Running cool air over something to remove heat from it • Concept of ice: putting ice into a warm drink and it pulls the heat out and cools it • The system will be much hotter or cooler than the air around it The Temperature • If you don’t have the system running efficiently ahead of time it will cause temperature issues • Dry temperature is the actual temperature of the room • Wet temperature is the relative humidity • On average the air conditioner is only able to keep the room 20 cooler than the temperature outside Cooling Sources • Pulling heat from air or water and using that air/water to absorb heat from building spaces EER • Energy Efficient Ratio: the amount of cooling achieved divided by the amount of energy used • Posted on window units • The two key pieces of information that you need are cooling capacity (BTUH) – 9000 and the Watts – 750 to get Energy Efficiency Ration. o The higher the EER, the more efficient its going to be Centralized HVAC Systems • Four-line pipe system is used most often because it allows you to switch from hot to cold faster by running hot and cold water all of the time Biomass • Companies are using sewage, agricultural crops, and animal residues in order to create combustible gas to power equipment Hydronic Heating • Putting a heating system into the floor to better heat the area. Powered by warm water • Better heats the area in which people are instead of un-used space Geothermal Example • Company has tapped into a hot spring under the property and has used it as a heating system and are saving money • There is a system that can use the difference in air and the ground temperatures but it is expensive to install and fix NEST system • Controlled system that you can use from your phone to control the A/C even if you aren’t there • Learning system so it stores your information and your patterns for what you set the air at • Drawback is that apps can glitch and phones can break and you need internet to use it


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