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World Lit Notes for Tuesday

by: Carson Lopez

World Lit Notes for Tuesday 125

Marketplace > 125 > World Lit Notes for Tuesday
Carson Lopez

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About this Document

This is the material we discussed on Tuesday, hope it's helpful!
World Literature and the Human Experience
Ms. Brenda Craven
Class Notes
Things Fall Apart, notes, world lit, brenda craven, 10:30-11:45 class




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 125 at a university taught by Ms. Brenda Craven in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
Tuesday 02/09/2016 Author’s view of Chi: -spirit compliments earthly body/balance to everything -personal deity, supreme part of each human being -Destiny + Personal Commitment Plot Points of Things Fall Apart  Young Man Okonkuo (18 years) who’s well-known by 9 villages  He beats famous wrestler, the Cat  Intense person o Breathes heavily (snores) o Tough-looking description  Okonkuo’s (“Oke”) Father Unoka o Lousy with money, does not repay what he borrows o Described as tall and thin o Plays the flute: symbol of weakness, femininity o Avoids talking about bills with son  Oke wants a title in the village so he asks Unoka to repay money he owes o Oke finds out just how in-debt Unoka is  Oke grows up to be the opposite of his father in every way o Brings home human heads from war  Meeting summoned amongst men of village  Neighboring clan member has murdered the wife of Oke’s tribe member  Oke’s tribe gives murderer’s tribe choice of going to war or handing over one virgin and one young male  Since Oke’s tribe is so intimidating, the murderer’s tribe gives them the young girl and boy  Young girl becomes wife of widower in Oke’s tribe and Oke gets the young man (young man’s name is Ike)  Oke is so temperamental and overcompensates his masculinity in order to contrast from his father  Unoka (father) loses all his yams and cannot repay debts o Is rebuked by priestess o Contracts rare, humiliating disease and is carried off into the woods to die with his flute so that the earth won’t bear the shame of burying him o Oke goes to a wealthy farmer (Nwakibie) and gets a large portion of his yams  Nwakibie gives Oke 2x amount Oke was asking for  Drought destroys crops, then a flood washes everything out  Oke resents anyone who tries to comfort him  Dregs of palm wine = fertility o Oke’s new young wife drinks the wine  Yams strictly reserved for men Custom: Deal between murderer’s tribe and victim’s tribe—what does it say about Oke’s tribe?  Oke’s tribe does not necessarily want war  Perhaps his tribe is not as good as it use to be  They will, however, take compensation—smart


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