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World Lit Thursday

by: Carson Lopez

World Lit Thursday 125

Marketplace > 125 > World Lit Thursday
Carson Lopez


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About this Document

Here are the notes covered on Thursday
World Literature and the Human Experience
Ms. Brenda Craven
Class Notes
Lecture, brenda craven, Things Fall Apart
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 125 at a university taught by Ms. Brenda Craven in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
Thursday 02/11/2016 *Helpful Context of the story: Nobody (none of the tribes in Africa) has been colonized by the British or anyone yet when this story opens; they are civilized and have their own customs and holidays. Reminder: What is it about the second wife that makes her so contentious to Oke? A: She is the most beautiful and since she already left one husband for the richer one, Oke is suspicious Conflicts of the Reading (sections 4-7)  Internal: Oke’s baggage expressed through anger  Relationships: o Oke’s unresolved issues with control and insecurity leads him to abuse his wives o Oke is hard on his son, puts a lot of pressure on him Value System of Other Villagers: -They enjoy celebrations, spending time together -Religion is a priority, they hold great respect for the Earth -Honor peace week, respect opinion of the priest -Justice system maintains fair compensation (not necessarily eye-for-eye, they aren’t always going to war but they believe in payment for wrongdoing) Plot Points Section 4:  Reiterates Oke’s former poverty  Oke calls older man who doesn’t have any titles a “woman” and the others rebuke him for this disrespect of an elder  Oke’s inconsistencies with his wives: o Beats second wife for not making dinner but doesn’t harm the first wife for lying  Oke bings gifts to the priest in supplication for sin of anger during Peace Week  Preparation of harvest  Rain obstacle: o Keeps pouring and then stopping unpredictably  Nwoye and Ikemufina bond over stories o At first Ike was distressed when he first came into the family, he couldn’t eat for weeks and then the first wife showed him compassion  While Nwoye prepares yam seeds, Oke hovers over him to counter any perceived laziness in his son Section 5  Ike’s folktaling skills are reiterated  Oke is uncomfortable with relaxing, he is always wound up and needs something to pick at when he isn’t working  Shoots at second wife for making a snide comment to him about his poor gunmanship  Daughter of second wife, Ezinma is valued because she is beautiful like her mother Ekwefe  Festival celebration commences  Ekwefe is excited about the wrestling match because that is where she and Oke met after he won against the Cat Section 6:  In huge crowd at the wrestling match, Ekwefe’s old friend is introduced who is like a godmother to Ezinma


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