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Indoor Surfaces- REC 403

by: Marina Keller

Indoor Surfaces- REC 403 REC 403

Marina Keller
GPA 3.84
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About this Document

week of feb 8-12
Managing Recreation Areas and Facilities
Mike Gowen
Class Notes
REC 403, MIke's class




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marina Keller on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to REC 403 at Murray State University taught by Mike Gowen in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Managing Recreation Areas and Facilities in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Murray State University.

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Date Created: 02/12/16
Indoor Surfaces- Floors, Walls and Ceilings Flooring  Prioritize 3 purposes (function, safety, and aesthetics)  Very expensive  Lots of maintenance  Varied uses Area needs  Office and entry areas are different from weight rooms  Activity is the main factor Office Areas  Carpet o Vacuumed o Avoid getting wet o Aesthetically pleasing o Wears out in high traffic  Tile o Saftety issues  When wet, becomes slippery  Lots of standing may be physically harmful *reverberates sound, unless ceiling absorbs it  Hardwood o Wood gets chosen over tile b/c it is aesthetically pleasing, but needs to be scratch resistant o Lots of maintenance  Lifecycle cost o Initial cost + installation cost + maintenance cost + replacement cost  Sound absorption  Moisture control o Affects safety and lifecycle  Activity going on in office ultimately determines flooring choice Non-Activity Areas  Lifecycle cost  Safety- slick floors, maintenance (entry areas, rain, snow, mud)  Envelope affects o Heat or cold leak, moisture Activity Areas  Attractive lifecycle o Replace early for aesthetics  Safety, long-term injury, fatigue  Point-elastic: gives @ point of impact o Spray-in floor  Area-elastic: so much area will give under impact o Have ratings for area-elasticity  Injury potential o What is good for shock-absorption in gymnastics isn’t the same as basketball o Have to consider activity  Hardness: resistance to scratching or indentation  Rolling Load: amount of weight that it can handle with things rolling across floor  Ball Bounce: percentage of return from a surface o Includes hardness and elasticity o Carpet has less than hardwood  Shock Absorption: floors need to absorb @ least 53% of shock o Depends on type of activity- injury prevention  Multipurpose rooms are tricky  Hardwood w/ mat to unroll and store so more activities become available Performance Capabilities  Lifestyle cost  Ease of capabilities o Painting floors easier  Maintenance Walls and Ceilings  Acoustical design  Lighting design  Sound absorption  Safety issues o Too much sound reverberation  Sound pollution  Type of material-soft or hard  Thicker- reverberates more sound  Color- reflective (light color) or absorption (dark)  Make sure color doesn’t affect activity  Outlet placement o Every 50 ft, flush mounted  If can’t, place above activity o Light switch covers o Outlets in floors, flush-mounted Ancillary Areas  Support spaces- don’t play a specific roll in the building’s purpose o Kitchen in Carr Health is ancillary- kitchen at a summer camp is not  Front office vs. back office- placement of people based on purpose o Front office- customers, participants  Receptionists, security, management, trainers o Back office- accounting, human resources, financial management o Not typically a front-back design; usually different floors  Size and quantity- number of full and part time staff, interaction with customers, file managing  Privacy- may need, depending on function of business  Private but open work stations- cubicles  Shared work spaces- different shifts  Contact with other staff- who they contact most, certain contact between certain people  Efficiency of operations o Locate offices based on their use  Predict circulation patterns o Where people are going o How often o Type of partitions- glass, solid, blinds?  Acoustic privacy- ductwork  Type of lighting o Task lighting, specific uses o Overall lighting, whole office  Power supply- things need more or less power  Furnishings- desks, computers, chairs o Where you sit, different tasks, ergonomic  Back office space o Common areas  Copy rooms, break rooms, coat closets, lounges, etc. o Equal access for back office staff  No more smoking areas, central telephones Locker Rooms  Resistance to moisture, mildew- MOST IMPORTANT THING  Run efficiently based on building use  Private dressing cubicle o For people with disabilities  Main changing areas  Number and size of lockers  Ventilation needs for dry and wet areas  Access to aquatic facility o Separate wet and dry side  Efficiency of lockers- size management, shape  7-15 sq. ft. of space per user  Anticipate enrollment growth  Make sure 7 ft width for travel  Surfacing on floors-traction o Type of flooring- consider user group o Kids- more traction o Adults- slightly less traction  Lifecycle cost for locker selections o Resistance to corrosion o Resistant to abuse o Installation requirements o Ability to lock- security  Locker room flow- safety and privacy  Specialty locker rooms o Family locker rooms  Adequate number  Express locker rooms o Can’t leave things in lockers o Come in, shower, leave  Staff locker rooms o Aquatic staff, camp staff  Officials locker rooms o Protect officials from teams


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