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PSC 1001; Nations

by: Eleanor Parry

PSC 1001; Nations PSC 1001

Eleanor Parry
GPA 3.81

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About this Document

These notes cover lecture 4 about Nations.
Intro to Comparative Politics
Dr. Christopher Mitchell
Class Notes
Comparative Politics; Political Science; Nations
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleanor Parry on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 1001 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Christopher Mitchell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Intro to Comparative Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/12/16
What is a Nation? • Imagined community • Common unifier • Self rule • Not necessarily by ethnicity Why are nations significant? • Nationalism and nationality are the best mobilizers • Best states are nation-state • Stronger ◦ Higher taxes ◦ Fight in wars Two kinds of nationalism • Ethnic nationalism ◦ Exclusive ‣ Cant join and can't leave ◦ "Jus sanguines" citizenship ‣ right of blood • Civic nationalism ◦ community of ideas ‣ mobilized around common ideas and values ◦ Inclusive ‣ Can join and can be excluded Ethnic v Civic • Immigration ◦ Ethnic: easy if of common ethnic descent, hard otherwise ◦ Civic: Determined by race neutral, value based naturalization process • Politics and Nationalism ◦ Ethnic: Broad range of political views ◦ Civic: Narrower range of political views Ethnic/Civic Tensions • Ethnic nationalism displacing civic ◦ Post-communism states ◦ India and rise of Hinduism • Civic nationalism displacing ethnic ◦ India under Gandhi The PreNational World • Nations are modern creation ◦ First appears in 1500 • In Pre modern world ◦ languages more fluid and undefined ◦ No sense of community beyond immediate geography ◦ No motivation to sacrifice for nation state Origins of Nationalism • Mass literacy and print capitalism The Nation-state • The nation state the highest form of modern state ◦ All the advantages of the modern state ◦ plus the additional ability to mobilize • States without nations typically weaker • Need to construct national identity Top-Down Accounts • Nationalism makes mobilization easer • Elite cultivate nationalism to inhale state power • Latin America and Western Bottom Up Accounts • Sense of national unity develops • Community wants a state to protect itself • Germany, Italy Nationalism as a State Breaker • Nations and state borders may not align • Irredentism ◦ Leads to interstate war • Secessionism ◦ Civil War • Weaken multinationalism states • Prevents formation of nation-states Evaluating Nationalism • Positive ◦ Common Purpose ◦ Capacity • Negative ◦ Prejudice ◦ Conflict • Retains power How can nationalism benefit the state? More effective army More willing to pay taxes Less internal conflict Faith in the state Unity with people Legitimacy How can the state promote nationalism? Sports War/Common Enemy Ideas Wealth Freedoms/Rights Democracy Force Education Coercion Early development Western US Late Development Post colonialization


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