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PSC 1003; Culture & Religion

by: Eleanor Parry

PSC 1003; Culture & Religion PSC 1001

Eleanor Parry
GPA 3.81

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About this Document

These notes cover information from lecture nine
Intro to Comparative Politics
Dr. Christopher Mitchell
Class Notes
Comparative Politics; Political Science; Culture; Religion
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleanor Parry on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 1001 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Christopher Mitchell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Intro to Comparative Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 02/12/16
Identities and Politics • All have multiple identities • Identities may or may not be changeable • Some are politicized ◦ Used as a basis for political action • Types: ◦ Ethnicity ◦ Nationality ◦ Gender ◦ Class ◦ Culture ◦ Religion The Clash of Civilizations • Samuel Huntington Civilizations and Politics • Civilization define: Largest common identity short of common humanity • Within Civilization a framework for common values and understanding • Across civilization, differing values and misunderstandings a source of conflict Implications of the Clash • Universal values may not be • Conflict may be an inevitability ◦ Against Fukyamas end of history • Cost civilization clashes increasingly important Critics of the Clash • Civilizations are big ◦ With contradictory elements • Groupings are somewhat arbitrary • Many ways to frame conflict • Empirically most conflicts are within civilizations ◦ Internal conflicts also generally bloodier Religion and Politics • Central to identify ◦ A SORUCE OF values in society ◦ A source of mobilization ◦ Frequent source of conflict ◦ Can reinforce the status quo ◦ Can be a site of resistance • Religiosity varies Religious Conflicts • Across religions ◦ Christian muslim ◦ Hindu muslim • Within religions ◦ Sunni-Shi'a ◦ Protestant-Catholic • Secular-Fundamentalist ◦ Common across religions Why Religious Conflict • Most believers are peaceful • Cosmic War & mora absolutism ◦ A few radical believers ◦ Conflict as struggle between good and evil ‣ No room for compromise ‣ No need for restraint ‣ No tolerance for secularism ◦ Infinite timeline Radicals and Politics • Radicalism as reaction to secularism ◦ Fear dilution of moral order ◦ Moderates the greatest enemy ‣ Non-believers a secondary threat ◦ Found across religions • Radicalism as anti-globalism ◦ Secularism spreading with globalization ◦ Chief enemies are domestic secularists Early Christian Democracy • Emerged in 18th 19th ventures ◦ As religion becomes polarized • Initially antidemocratic ◦ Anti pluralism ◦ Anti socialist Christian Democrats post WWII • The dominant center right party ◦ Other right forces discredited ◦ Help stabilize post war democracy • Political Ideology ◦ Committed to liberal democracy ◦ Christian Humanism ‣ Social Conservatives ‣ Support social welfare state within market economy ◦ Focus on reconciling elements of society Christian Democrats in Latin America • Similar to European • Liberation theology • Key players in democratization Muslim Democracy • Driven my pragmatism not fundamentalism ◦ Look to broaden electoral appeal • Pro democratic


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