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Review Sheet for TECH 1313 at UH


Review Sheet for TECH 1313 at UH

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Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
Decision Making p o Pose a question 1 o State a hypothesis Stating a Hypothesis Begins with a Q 0 Questions gt Should I buy Tide or a quotgreenquot detergent gt Should I allow my children to play video games gt Has the redesign of our battery component reduced impact on the environment based on the prototype batch Hypotheses are Statements o Hypothesis gtTide gets my clothes 10 cleaner and brighter than a quotgreenquot detergent gt The quotgreenquot detergent has m less env ronmental impact than does Tide gtComputer games cause children to act out aggressively more than twice a day gtTiie redesign of the battery component n our mp3 player to allow us to buy battery components instead of manufacturing them willcuuse our production process to have less impact on the environment by reducing our pollutant stream by 8 STaTing a HypoThesis 0 Words used for comparison gt more Than 25 gt more Than 10 gt no more Than 10 gtaT easT 25 WhaT is The QuesTion o QuesTion gt Has The new onIine cusTomer service opTion increased cusTomer saTisfacTion STaTe The HypoThesis o HypoThesis gt Our new onIine cusTomer service opTion has made no difference in levels of cusTomer saTisfacTion Hypothesis Testing o Literature review leads to a hypothesis o State the hypothesis o Collect data o Analyze data o Draw a conclusion o Explain your thinking process to support your conclusion Hypothesis Testing o The data collected o The data collected are consistent with are not consistent the hypothesis with the hypothesis o The data support the o The data do not hypothesis support the hypothesis Example Form a Hypothesis o A child39s parents point out horses in pastures on a road trip 0 All the horses are black 0 Child39s hypothesis A horse is a big black animal that stands on four legs in a pasture Example CollecT DaTa o CollecT daTa 1 visiT a ranch or farm painT auT differenT animals 2 go To The rodeo To see The horse show Example Analyze DaTa o Is The daTa collecTed consisTenT wiTh The hypoThesis 0 Do The daTa supporT The hypoThesis Example Dr aw Conclusions a RejecT The original 0 AccepT The original hypaThesis hypaThesis for The Time being a FormulaTe new hypaT heses Example Draw Conclusions o Conclude that the evidence neither supports nor contradicts the original hypothesis 0 Thus more data must be collected and analyzed Statistical Hypothesis Testing 0 State the null hypothesis Ho gtDecision will be to reject Hg if the data do not support it 0 Any hypothesis different from H is the alternative hypothesis H1 gtIf Hg is rejected then H is accepted Statistical Hypothesis Testing o When you draw a conclusion based on statistical or other evidence is it always a correct conclusion Possibility of Error Actual H0 is true Actual H0 is true DecIsIon Accept H0 Decision Reject H0 Actual H0 is false Actual H0 is false Decision Accept H0 Decision Reject H0 Probability of Error 0 In statistical hypothesis testing you set a limit that is the probability of making a specific type of error Probability of Error 0 Type I Error gt Reject a true null hypothesis 0 Significance level on 0 Limit the possibility of making a Type I error to on X 100 Statistical Hypothesis Testing 0 Define the reference distribution for the w statistic Statistical Hypothesis Testing 0 Compare statistically the test statistic and its reference distribution Statistical Hypothesis Testing 0 Compare statistically the test statistic and its reference distribution 3 Statistical Hypothesis Testing PX155 Statistical Hypothesis Testing PX 155 1323155 60 my Statistical Hypothesis Testing PX s 155 155 160 43 524100 PZ s O962 Statistical Hypothesis Testing 11111 3155 155 160 p12 g H z 52 100 PZ g O962 01685 2 1685 Statistical Hypothesis Testing 0 Draw a statistical conclusion So 10 Survey ResulTs are Observations o Surveys are used To collecT daTa To sTudy some issue in The social and behavioral sciences o The daTa from The survey will be analyzed in an aTTempT To answer a quesTion Hypothesis o The quesTion To be answered is resTaTed as a hypoThesis 0 We hypafhesze ThaT someThing is True or noT True gtThen collecT daTa via a survey perhaps To deTermine if The hypoThesis is supporTed or noT supporTed Example o Hypothesis about an impact of cell phones on social ehavior gt People will lhlerrupl social taceetoetace cohversallohs to take acall on their cell phones 50 of the l me 0 Construct a survey to determine if this hypothesis is supported gt Question examples Du an answer yuur cell phunewhen it rlngsdurlng asuclal taee ins ace cunversallun yes na Which at the tallawin respunses pest descrlbesyuur aetian when yuur cell phune rlngs urlng a suclal taeetaetaee cunversallun always answer I answer in am expecllng a call I sumellmes answer I never answer I dun39t have a cell phune 11 Survey Construction 0 Ask more Than one quesTion Population To Survey o DifferenT populaTions may give very differenT responses To The survey iTems 0 Examples gt Under 2039s would probably give differenT answers Than over 6039s gtPeo le wiTh college degrees may provide a dif erenT response Than Those wiTh only a high school diploma gt Perhaps males and females will give differenT responses Possible Conclusions o The hypoThesis is supporTed for The populaTion o The hypoThesis is noT supporTed for The populaTion 12 Administer the Survey o Questionnaire or interview 0 On paper or over email or Internet 0 How long do we wait for a reply Evaluate the Results and Draw Conclusions o Tally the results 0 Examine the results 0 Determine if the hypothesis is supported or not supported 0 How do we best present the results to interested parties Data Summaries o Tallying gt Frequency distribution gt Relative frequency distribution gt Histogram 13 Example 0 Which of The following responses besT describes your acTion when your cell phone rings during a social face To face conversation o 19 I always answer 5 I answer only if I am expecTing a call 7 I someTimes answer 17 I never answer 2 I don39T have a cell phone Graphical DaTa Summaries These were made wiTh a jusT a few enTries and clicks of The mouse using Excel Decision o To whaT degree do The responses supporT or noT supporT The quesTion gt Note that The sample size in this Tully is only 48 nsTeud of 50 because we should hoi oouhi ihe Two people who do hoi have ucell phohe o Only 35 1748 x 100 es 35 of respondenTs indicaTed They never answer The phone o This would indicaTe ThaT The hypoThesis is supporTed because 65 musT under some circumsTances aT leasT answer The phone o More specifically almosT 40 always answer The phone 14 quotLyingquot with Statistics 0 At least half of people will always interrupt social face to face conversations to take a call on their cell phones 0 This hypothesis is NOT supported by the results of the survey since only 40 always take the call TECH 1313 Impact of Modern Technology on Society 7 4 Stating Hypotheses and Looking for Evidence 15 TECH 1313 Impac r of Modern Technology on Socie ry A7 4 Sfa ring Hypotheses and Looking for Evidence Decision Making o Williheredesign of the battery for our mp3 flayer39 reduce env ronmenia mpact 0 Should we continue our on line service option for customer support 0 Should I allow my children to play video games 0 Should I buy Tide or a quotgreenquot detergent 0 Should I eat a donut or a banana for breakfast Decision Making o Pose questions 0 Collect da ia some iimes banzcdo i39al gtscizn139ific o Analyze data gt summarize The dafa gt infer39pr39zf To form informafion 0 Make The decision


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