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Chapter 1: Understanding Mass Media, Convergence and the Importance of Media Literacy

by: Deja Jackson

Chapter 1: Understanding Mass Media, Convergence and the Importance of Media Literacy Comm 130

Marketplace > University of Pennsylvania > Communication > Comm 130 > Chapter 1 Understanding Mass Media Convergence and the Importance of Media Literacy
Deja Jackson
Mass Media and Society
Joseph Turow

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About this Document

Chapter 1 textbook and lecture notes
Mass Media and Society
Joseph Turow
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Deja Jackson on Friday February 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 130 at University of Pennsylvania taught by Joseph Turow in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Mass Media and Society in Communication at University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 02/12/16
Chapter 1 Understanding Mass Media Convergence and the Importance of Media Literacy a 02112016 Introducing Media Convergence platforms or vehicles that industries have developed for the purpose of cheating and sending messages occurs when 2 or more things come together the ability of different media to easily interact with each other because they all deal with information in the same digital form takes place when products typically linked to one medium show up on many media a central aspect of mass communication today 0 Ex Cosmo or 5 magazine have an app and website and can be accessed on iPhone tablet smart phone print magazine etc De ning Mass Communication Traditionally newspapers radio TV and other such media were considered diff from other means of communication due to the distinct size and composition of the audience however the rise of technology has led to Dominick s de nition the process by which a complex organization with the aid of one or more machines produces and transmits public messages that are directed at large heterogeneous and scattered audiences o Emphasizes PRODUCTION and TRANSMISSION large public 0 technology 0 complex organization Turow s de nition the industrialized production and multiple distribution of messages through technological devices 0 Emphasizes INDUSTRIALIZATION and DISTRIBUTION Sizenature of audience are open transforming media world challenges both de nitions ex Facebook YouTube Pinterest Mass communication carried out by organizations working together in industries to produce and circulate a wide range of content 0 the industrial process that creates the potential for reaching millions even billions of diverse anonymous people almost simultaneously 0 the aspect of mass production processes involved in creating the message material that distinguishes mass communication from other forms of communication o the technological vehicles PLURAL through which mass communication takes place 0 companies that send out messages via mass media ex Time Magazine foxnewscom The Elements of Communication 0 refers to people interacting in ways that at least one of the parties involved understands as messages 0 messages collections of symbols words signs that appear purposely organized meaningful to those sending or receiving them 0 involved two or three individuals signaling to each other using their voices facial and hand gestures and other signs even clothes to convey meaning 0 Ex Jane shouts excitedly to her friend Jack and leaps into his arms after winning a tennis match specialized type of interpersonal communication that is assisted by a medium 0 part of a technical system that help in the transmission distribution or reception of messages ex phone computer pen pencil 0 Ex writing a thankyou note to your grandmother 0 8 major elements in every interaction that involves a message 1 mriginator of the message 2 when the source organizes and prepares to send the message 3 performs the physical activity of sending the message 4 pathway through which the transmitter sends the message 5 person or organization that gets the message 6 process by which the receiver makes sense of the message 7 a response to the message 8 a sound in the communication situation that interferes with the delivery of the message Main difference between mass communication and the 2 forms of interpersonal communication relates to the nature of the source and receiver 0 Mass communication source organization Interpersonal communication source individual people Mass Media and Convergence Three C s of media convergence 1 Content gt messages 2 Corporations gt companies that interact to create and distribute the content 3 Computers gt brings convergence into the mass media picture 0 Crucial difference between computercentered mass media and other media technologies is that they re digital rather than analog Analog electronic transmission accomplished y adding signals broadcast and pone transmissions conventionally have used analog technology Digital electronic technology that generates stores processes and transmits data in the form of strings of Os and ls bitsbytes coding Key Words the process of dividing audience members into segments based on background and lifestyle in order to send them messages targeted to their speci c characteristics Mass Media Culture and Society How Do We Use the Mass Media in Our Daily Lives 1 Enjoyment a Can ignite everyday talk b media content used as coins of exchange in everyday interpersonal discussions i ex quotDid you hearJay Leno s monologue last nightquot 2 Companionship a Can bring a sense of camaraderie to people who are lonely or those who are aloe i the psychological connections that some media users establish with celebrities whom they learn about through the mass media Ex Actor s Facebook pages and Twitter posts might lead fans to feel a special knowledge of or a relationship with the person 3 using the media to learn about what is happening in the world around us a Ex Turning on the TV or radio to nd out the weather 4 using the media to nd out why things are happening who or what is the cause and what to do about them a Ex reading newspaper editorials to understand the actions of national leaders and to come to conclusions about our stand on an issue How Do the Mass Media In uence Culture ways of life that are passed on to members of a society through time and that keep the society together Lays out guidelines about who belongs to the society and what rules apply to them Helps us make sense of ourselves and our place in the world 0 Allows for the existence of groups with habits that many people consider odd but not threatening to the more general way of life 0 Ex The Amis of Pennsylvania who live without modern appliances at home 0 Mass media present ideas of the culture in three broad and related ways they help us 1 Identify and discuss the codes of acceptable behavior within our society 2 Learn what and who counts in our world and why 3 Determine what others think of us and what people quotlike usquot think of others large numbers of individuals groups and organizations that live in the same general area and consider themselves connected to one another through the sharing of a culture 0 Sharing includes learned behaviors beliefs and values Criticism of Mass Media39s In uence on Culture 1 Use predictable predictions that re ect and sometimes create cultural prejudices 2 Use beliefs about who should hold the greatest power within a culture 3 Mass media detract from the quality of American culture 4 Mass media s cultural presentations encourage political and economic manipulation of their audiences Key Words the ability to track and respond to any actions triggered by the end user in order to cultivate a rapport The ability to apply critical thinking skills to the mass media thereby becoming a more aware and responsible citizen parent voter worker in our mediadriven society Principles of Media Literacy 1 The Media Construct our Individual Realities a Ex quotWhat s going on in Iranquot The Media Are In uenced by Industrial Pressures a Ex ads cost of paper cost of The Media Are In uenced by Political Pressures a Ex government will tax more on ads or images the time that Democratic debates are held The Media Are In uenced by Format Audiences Are Active Recipients of the Media a They can choose to ignore or think about a message in a certain way The Media Tells Us Who We Are as a Society a Ex notions of romance stem from chick icks Media Literacy Tools 1 2 Consider Authorship gt Who created this message and why are they sending it Evaluate the Audience gt Who are the intended targets of these media materials How might different people understand these materials similarly and differently Determine the Institutional Purpose gt Why is this content being sent Analyze the Content gt What values lifestyles and points of view are represented or omitted from this message Identify the Media Techniques gt What creative techniques are being used to attract my attention Key Word the ability to effectively comprehend and use messages that are expressed in written or printed symbols such as letters


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