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Notes from 2/8 - 2/12

by: Emma Notetaker

Notes from 2/8 - 2/12 KIN202

Marketplace > University of Miami > Kinesiology > KIN202 > Notes from 2 8 2 12
Emma Notetaker

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About this Document

Notes from 2/8 and 2/12 but not 2/10 because I was sick.
General Nutrition for Health & Human Performance
Wesley Smith
Class Notes
Kinesiology, nutrition
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Notetaker on Saturday February 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KIN202 at University of Miami taught by Wesley Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see General Nutrition for Health & Human Performance in Kinesiology at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/13/16
KIN202 Day 10 February 8, 2016   • Nutritional Behaviors o Eating breakfast is beneficial ▯ Increases metabolism (and possibly is elevated throughout the day – especially if you eat protein and/or fiber) ▯ B.E.D (binge eating disorder) – happens before bed late at night – sleep apnea, obesity, cardiovascular disease • Eating breakfast will reduce late night binges ▯ Maintain your lean body mass (muscle and bones) ▯ To stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day ▯ If you’re exercising early, have sports drink for breakfast o Cutting out sugar (free sugar) ▯ Cut out soda and other sugary beverages ▯ People who are inactive can’t put sugar away in muscle because it’s already filled with sugar ▯ Almost exclusively saturated fat – gets stored around liver where it gets oxidized ▯ inflammation throughout whole body ▯ cancer, heart disease ▯ Don’t need to cut down fruit intake ▯ Coffee or tea is not associated with health problems o Avoid excess sodium ▯ Get extra potassium instead – does opposite of sodium ▯ Processed/preserved foods are high in sodium ▯ Salt vs. sodium • Thirst with salt • Taste confusion – same place for salt and sugar on tongue o Avoid processed carbs and too much conventional meat ▯ Traditional American eats 2 lbs animals, 2 lbs of plants a day • Should come from quality sources o Ex: candy, French fries, potato chips count as plants • Should have 3 lbs from plants, 1 lb from animals – good source – white meat that’s pasture raised, fish, etc. – occasional red meat (pasture raised, grass fed) • Avoid processed meats (lunch meats) • Avoid starchy processed grains and eat fruits and vegetables (unless you’re an athlete) o Whole grains KIN202 Day 10 February 8, 2016   o White rice increases risk of diabetes and brown rice decreases risk of diabetes o Leafy greens ▯ B, A, C, K vitamins ▯ Also other new antioxidants ▯ Health benefits – slow aging, helps vision loss, reduce risk of cataracts ▯ Stimulant effect – one chemical in plants acts like caffeine • Caffeine is actually a pesticide but acts as a stimulant to us • One apple similar to coffee ▯ Other compounds that reduce risk of cancer o Consume sulfur rich vegetables ▯ Brassicas and alliums • Brassicas: Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower • Alliums: Onions, garlic • Reduce blood pressure ▯ Stay away from alfalfa sprouts o Colorful plant foods ▯ Blueberries, açai berries, berries, red veggies, etc. ▯ Lower blood pressure dramatically – allow blood vessels to dilate more ▯ Convert seed/oil type of fat into fish oil type of fat • How vegans can get omega 3 o Combining chia seeds with these foods ▯ Help protect against cancer – proofread DNA ▯ Plants foods that are white have a lot of fiber ▯ Tomatoes are more nutritious when cooked ▯ Broccoli better when chopped up o Chia, flax seeds ▯ ALA (only 16% converted to DHA/EPA (what we use in our body) ▯ not as good as fish, seaweed, free range chicken, eggs, grassfed beef, etc. ▯ with dark green vegetables, walnuts, ground flax seeds and other plant food, gets converted quicker o Moderate alcohol / avoid binge drinking ▯ Blood pressure 30 points higher when hungover ▯ Increases body fat and risk of disease ▯ Red wine isn’t better for you than beer • There is an antioxidant but only works on its own KIN202 Day 10 February 8, 2016   ▯ 2 shots a day is moderate alcohol consumption ▯ Diuretic - dehydration o Get adequate sleep ▯ Mental, physical, emotional fatigue ▯ Less than 6-8 hours causes hormonal changes o Stay hydrated ▯ Keep urine color light – chardonnay wine • Not canary yellow or clear ▯ Don’t over-drink (in athletic events) ▯ Body will get acclimated to how much water you consume ▯ Look at how many calories you consume – 1 ml for every calorie you burn ▯ Low-grade dehydration is chronic widespread problem • Skin less elastic and cellular aging – wrinkles • Might cause elevated blood cholesterol levels – higher cholesterol synthesis ▯ Dehydrated athlete more likely to sprain ankle, tear ACL, etc. – joints less lubricated, cartilage/muscle/tissue stiffer and less elastic ▯ Start each day with a glass of water and drink throughout day KIN202 Day 12 February 12, 2016   • Protein Quality o What combinations make a complete protein ▯ Nuts & seeds ▯▯ vegetables ▯▯ legumes ▯▯ grains ▯▯ nuts & seeds o Protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) ▯ Highest rated: whey (high absorption), casein (slow to absorb), soy protein (just barely makes cut – plant protein), egg white • Amino acids o Essential ▯ Which you consume in your diet because your body cannot synthesize them ▯ Amino acids: • ILV (isoleucine, leucine, valine) o BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) • Histidine • Lysine o Connective tissue • Methionine o Most discussed in science o Critical for protein synthesis and DNA replication – starts process • Phenylaline o Precursor to dopamine or adrenaline • Threonine o Deriving energy from carbohydrates • Tryptophan o Non-essential o Mushrooms have specific amino acids that we don’t have in our bodies (ergotheonine) ▯ Kills cancer cells – anti-carcinogen ▯ Amino acid or vitamin? We don’t know ▯ Only amino acid we get from plants • How To Read a Food label o 5:1 rule – fiber: carbs o Every mile you travel on foot is about 100 calories – two nutrigrain bars is equivalent to 2.5 miles o Look at ingredient list – if you can’t read it, don’t eat it KIN202 Day 12 February 12, 2016   ▯ “Generally recognized as safe” isn’t “safe” o Look for sugar, high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour at top – should be farther down o Look for corn oil, high fructose corn syrup, etc. – genetically modified – safe but have in moderation o Look out for partially hydrogenated – means trans fat even if label says 0 g trans fat (serving size is small) o See if they’re lying to you (ex: soy bean oil higher up than olive oil on olive oil salad dressing)


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