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Part 1 of notes for exam 2

by: Molly McGeeney

Part 1 of notes for exam 2 HST 102 01

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > History > HST 102 01 > Part 1 of notes for exam 2
Molly McGeeney

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About this Document

Peter the Great
Introduction to European Civilization
Class Notes
European History
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Molly McGeeney on Saturday February 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HST 102 01 at Grand Valley State University taught by Houser in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Introduction to European Civilization in History at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 02/13/16
Exam 2: o Peter the Great and the Great Northern War  Absolute Monarchy- all of Europe at this time  During the 17 century the most powerful man in the world was Louis XIV of France  Built palace in Versailles (did not need wall or towers to protect the palace b/c he was so powerful)  Peter the Great wanted to be just like Louis (wanted this power):  Understand that Russia was not a European country at the time it was and Asian country  But Peter the Great is the one that convinced everyone that all the power was coming from western Europe  He brought Russia to Europe  Peter timeline:  1672 - Born  1682 - Exiled  1689 - Come back  Streltsy- represented the old ways, elite part of the army  They killed many members of Peters family because they were wanting to bring about change (including the streltsy)  This made peter hate his half siblings, the streltsy, and the old ways- he comes back and becomes:  Peter is known to history as “The Great Westernizer”  He sent hundreds of Russians to the west to study  He even went himself to study  Carpentry  Dentistry  Medicine  Shipbuilding  Metal works  Firearms  He hated traditional ways- including religion (made a mock religion)  Also very strong  Peter engaged 900 Dutchmen to help build a Russian navy.  He founded universities to teach western industries and ideas  He set up 180 modern factories with serfs as workers  Did this with the intent of being like the West  Had a palace made for him and it was made after Louis XIV  He changes court ways, etiquette, to western ways  Executed many people in streltsy (with his bare hands)  Someone you don’t mess with  He meets Augustus II (the strong) of Poland/ Saxony  Become fast friends  Wanted to declare war on someone (both so powerful) ꜗ Sweden- for the port for their navy ꜗ Did not know they were taking on Charles XII of Sweden only 14 at the time but a military genius Charles XII  Had a great passion for war  Very intelligent and courageous  Alexander the Great is his role model  Finds out about the war against him  It is a war to the death  Sweden takes out Denmark  Narva  696 Swedes ; 8,000 Russians died  Charles wins  Riga  Augustus flees  Sweden should’ve won the war  England vs. France is fighting at the time and they both want Charles on his side  Charles said it was not enough to win- he wanted to go after Augustus or Peter  Went after Augustus  Spent the next 7 years chasing Augustus  In 1707 Charles caught up to him and put him in jail and puts his men in charge  Now he is going to attack Peter (it has been 8 year since they fought each other) ꜗ Charles underestimates Peter ꜗ Invasion of Russia 35,000 vs. 110,000 ꜗ Sweden army invades while Russia is retreating farther and farther away (destroying all the land, poison the water and animals) ꜗ This is known as Scorched Earth- giving the Sweden army nothing to survive on ꜗ Winter was approaching ꜗ Charles decides to spend the winter in Russiath1708- 1709 was the worst winter of the entire 18 century) so half of Charles army freezes to death and those who don’t, they get frost bite ꜗ Make it to Poltava to fight ꜗ Battle of Poltava is one of the most important battles - Peter studied Sweden ways in order to beat them  Treaty of Nystadt- ending the Great Norther War  Results of the Great Northern War (summary)  Russia’s Coming Out Party  Russia gains a “Window to the West” (St. Petersburg) gained control of the ports—for navy and trade  Responsible for most of Peter’s reform (very Machiavelli)  End of Sweden as a possible great power  The War was responsible for many of Peter’s reforms (Klyuchevsky thesis)  The world sees what happens when Russia gets invaded from the west (Use of “Scorched Earth”)


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