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Journalism 101 Chapter 5 Lecture Notes

by: Mikaela Spence

Journalism 101 Chapter 5 Lecture Notes JRL 101

Marketplace > West Virginia University > Journalism and Mass Communications > JRL 101 > Journalism 101 Chapter 5 Lecture Notes
Mikaela Spence

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About this Document

Chapter 5 notes
Media and Society
Dr. Oppe
Class Notes
journalism 101, Lecture Notes, notes, Oppe, WVU, West Virginia University, Chapter 5, Chapter5, Magazine
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikaela Spence on Saturday February 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JRL 101 at West Virginia University taught by Dr. Oppe in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Media and Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 02/13/16
JRL 101 Chapter 5 Lecture Notes Magazines Lena Dunham • Pigeon on her head, photo shopped • Unnatural leg position in bed • In a dress by the tub, o Takes a woman so long to get ready, guys can get ready quickly • Vogue cover o Thinned her face • If it is something that can be done in a darkroom, it is ethical Annie Leibovitz • Took photos of Lena Dunham • Her covers have o Recognizable subject o Something worthy of notice in image o Room for nameplate § And a few coverlines Early Magazines • 1704: Daniel Defoe founds The Review • 1740: Ben Franklin and Andrew Bradford compete to launch first American magazine • Bradford won by 3 days • Magazine- targeting specific audience The Saturday Evening Post • 1821- First published Post • Norman Rockwell • Had essays, poetry, obituaries • Column called “The Ladies’ Friend” • First national medium • Remained important until TV Birth of Photojournalism • Matthew Brady became first became famous for portraits o Got old and started losing sight • Had a team helped him out and got super close to the war that there was actually bullets flying past • 1864 Harper’s Weekly reproduced his team’s photos • Promoted idea that photographs were published documents that preserve history Types of Magazines • Consumer magazines o Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, People, etc. • Trade Magazines o Business to business § Magazines about a profession • Literary magazines o Poetry, Essays, Concerns of Day § One will be conservative and one democratic Literary and Commentary Magazines • Magazines out there that represent voices that are not well represented o NAACP etc. The Muckrakers • Make you start thinking about a particular topic • Make you want to take action • Investigative journalism • Lincoln Jeffers o Government regulation • Ida Tarbell o Studied standard oil company o She didn’t talk about the good things they were doing, but all of the illegal things they were involved in Henry Luce • Came up with Time, Life, Fortune, Sports Illustrated magazines • Time Magazine- 1920’s • Margaret Bourke White o Sitting on a gargoyle on a sky scraper taking pictures o Presented her work in Life magazine o She was sent to the hoover Dam, but she took pictures of strippers § Life started magazine on human interest Godey’s Lady’s Book • Sarah Josepha Hale o Editor for 40 years o Set up content for ALL ladies’ magazines o Gave women a voice Women’s Magazines • Seven Sisters o Ladies’ magazines o Good House Keeping, Better Homes and Gardens etc • FBL o Fashion o Beauty o Lifestyle • Cosmo o Magazine for young women to focus on other young unmarried women Men’s Magazines • 1933 Esquire o Pinups, fashion • 1953 Playboy o No longer any nude photos • 1993 Maxim o Lad magazine featuring sports, sex, and humor o Meets needs of inner guy Magazines and Body Image • Thinner you are, better you are, better life you’re going to have • But it has been changing lately • Dove Campaign for Real Women • Lizzie Miller- plus size model Advertising vs. Editorial • Try to blend in advertisements between articles • Togetherness when it comes to magazines • Placement of product is VERY important • Can be very deceptive Dick Stolley’s • Want to have a great cover: o Young > Old o Pretty > Ugly o Rich > Poor o Music > Movies o Movies > TV o Nothing is better than a dead celebrity Covers and Race • African American women are not really known for being on covers of magazines • 18% of magazines feature people of color • May be changing Current Trends • Have very narrow audience • Articles are short for busy readers with short attention spans Magazines in Digital Age • Atlantic is now digital and is starting to become more profitable • Can get on eReaders


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