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Review Sheet for COSC 6385 with Professor Gabriel at UH


Review Sheet for COSC 6385 with Professor Gabriel at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Review Sheet for COSC 6385 with Professor Gabriel at UH

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views.

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Reviews for Review Sheet for COSC 6385 with Professor Gabriel at UH


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Control questions to section 5 What are the two types of locality which caches make use of Where do you place a data item of address xyz in a Direct mapped cache 4way set associative cache What operations are required to check whether a data item is in the cache for a Direct mapped cache 4way set associative cache Explain the different blockreplacement strategies which can be applied for a setassociate cache cusc m5 Computer Armitemure my Bahriel z Control questions section 5 ll Explain the differences between a writethrough and a writeback cache What is the role of the writebuffer in a writethrough cache What is Virtual Memory and what are its main advantages What is a translation lookaside buffer Control questions section 5 III Name and explain briefly five techniques used to improve the cache miss penalty Cache misses can be categorized in three different sections What are they when do they occur and how if at all can be avoided What is the effect of Cache size Size of the cache block Level of associativity on the cache miss rate Name two compiler level techniques used to reduce the cache miss rates cos m5 Computer Armilemure my Gabriel 1 Control questions section 5 IV Name and explain briefly three techniques used to reduce the cache hit time How does memory interleaving improve the performance of the main memory What is the difference between memory interleaving and using independent memory banks Parallel Architectures Explain Flynn s Taxonomy for parallel computer architectures and name the according classes What are the two different types of shared memory architectures what is the main difference between them Explain how Amdahl s Law limits the usage of parallel computers Cache coherence protocols What type of architectures show cache coherence problems Name advantages and disadvantages of the write invalidate and write update protocols for snooping based cache coherence cos m5 Computer Armitemure my Gabriel 1 File IO Explain the positive and negative effects of caching and buf39fering on readwrite operations Does disk striping help to improve the latency or the bandwidth of File O operations Explain briefly how RAID level 5 works What is the difference between a distributed and a parallel Filesystem COSC 6385 Computer Architecture Review forthe Final Exam Edgar Gabriel Fall 2006 cos m5 Computer Armitemure my Gabriel 3 Topic areas Detailed reading assignments please checkout out the according file on the web Possible calculations and practical examples Amdahl s Law CPU performance equation Correlated branches N 2 or Na calculations for vector processors Comparisons direct mapped vs set associative caches Comparisons uni ed vs split data and instruction cache


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