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JUS 375 Week 3 Notes

by: Anneka sundell

JUS 375 Week 3 Notes JUS 375

Anneka sundell
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

These notes cover the Criminal Theories
Criminal Profiling
Dr. John Raacke
Class Notes
Criminal Justice, Indicidual Theory, Social Theories, Profiling
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anneka sundell on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JUS 375 at Fort Hays State University taught by Dr. John Raacke in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Criminal Profiling in Criminal Justice at Fort Hays State University.

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Date Created: 02/14/16
JUS 375 1 Criminal Theory ~Individual Theories~  Look at what aspects leads someone to commit a crime  3 Subdivisions  1. Psychology and Crime  Focus: individual personality and formation  Claims: something in the environment triggered a response  Ex. Bundy         His mother was the initial trigger                              Girlfriend could have been second trigger  Hans Eysenck  Psychological Factors:  1. What personality traits do you have that leads to doing a  crime  Work ethic, sense of belonging, guilt, attachment  Personality Theory  What are the personality traits of criminal offenders?  1.  Aggressive Behavior   Violence or reactions  2. Isolation  Prefers to be isolated  Having surface level relationships  Ex. Gacy had 2 wives   Ex. Bundy was well liked but had no real friends 3. Paranoia  Everyone is out to get them  Questioning people’s motives to a point of fixation 4. Anti­Social Behavior  Lack of empathy  God complex 5. Inability to deal with frustration   Can’t handle criticism   Ex Bundy girl got away so he quickly killed another girl who didn’t match is profile at all JUS 375 2  Mental Deficiency   There is a correlation between low IQ and criminality 1. Most prisoners have a low IQ  They actually get caught 2. Common in rapists and arsonists  Criminal Thinking patterns  Criminals crocess information differently  General lack of responsibility for their actions 1. I wanted that Reasoning 2. Not Capable of empathy problems  Propensity for making poorer choices at an early age   Character Defects   Psychopathology: results of: 1. Brain Damage 2. Family rejection  3. Research suggests no real personality differences in those  who exhibit psychopathic personality and those who do  not.  The older you get the easier it is to hide the defects   Antisocial Personality (character defective personality) 1. Charming  2. No sense of remorse/guilt 3. Narcissistic  4. Habitual liar 5. Inadequate sex life 2. Psychiatry and Crime  Psychiatric Models – Sigmund Freud  Behavior is the result of unconscious desires and motivations 1. Motives beyond your control   Human Psyche: 1. Id:  Primitive part of the brain  Pleasure principle – immediate satisfaction  Unconscious   Controls Libido  JUS 375 3 2. Ego  Mostly conscious   Organized  Rations  Planning dimension  Reality principle – you should put off immediate  gratification until appropriate  3. Super Ego  Conscious and unconscious  Evaluates behaviors (thoughts)  Praises or admonishes   Criminals 1. Have either a overdeveloped or underdeveloped superego 2. Abrahamson views the criminal as an Id dominate person  Psychanalytic treatment  Designed to understand the base reason why people behave the  way they do 1. If Freud was right, we would have to fix the Id  Additional Treatments   Identify what’s acceptable and what’s not  The downfall of psychoanalytical treatment is that it downplays the impact of the environment on shaping behavior  3. Constitutional Theories   Genetic Factors  Twin Studies: consistently found that identical turns are more  likely than fraternal twins raised in the same surroundings to have  similar traits   Heredity  Cesare Lombroso  1. Offenders are separate beings  2. Not Homo sapiens  ~Social/ Ecological Theories~  Structural influences  o Environment bread criminals  Emile Durkheim – lack of community is the reason we cannot have a  lack of criminals  JUS 375 4  Robert Merton – crime is the result of shortcuts   Conformist: work hard for life to reach dreams  Ritualist: don’t expect to succeed, but work hard for children to  succeed  Innovator: attain success through illegal means  Retreatist: give up on dream and turn to substances   Criminal behavior is learned  People learn criminal actions by observing and imitating others  Cultural transmission theorists  Learned behavior by affliction   Social Bond Theories o He thought that those who committed crimes lacked social bonds  Attachment: value of opinions of those important to you   Commitment: how strong are your morals  Involvement: how involved you are  Belief: belief in society’s norms


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