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EBIO 1010-02 week 1 class notes: Intro to Biology, The Science of Biology, The Origin and Diversity of Life

by: Claire Jacob

EBIO 1010-02 week 1 class notes: Intro to Biology, The Science of Biology, The Origin and Diversity of Life EBIO 1010-02

Marketplace > Tulane University > Biological Sciences > EBIO 1010-02 > EBIO 1010 02 week 1 class notes Intro to Biology The Science of Biology The Origin and Diversity of Life
Claire Jacob
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About this Document

These notes are derived from the class lectures during week 1. Make sure you check out the figures listed in your textbook as supplementary material to the lecture notes. A more detailed outline of...
Diversity of Life
Doosey, Michael
Class Notes
EBIO 1010-02, intro to biology, The Science of Biology, The Origin and diversity of Life




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Jacob on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EBIO 1010-02 at Tulane University taught by Doosey, Michael in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Diversity of Life in Biological Sciences at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 02/14/16
Week 1: Intro and What is Biology?    The Science of Biology    Characteristics of living organisms  ● cellular organization  ● ordered complexity  ● utilize energy  ● excrete energy  ● respond to stimuli  ● maintain homeostasis    Living systems show hierarchal organization  ● each level has emergent properties… aka, they get easier to define as they get  higher/more complex    Deductive reasoning→ using general principles to make specific predictions  Inductive Reasoning→ using specific observations to develop general conclusions    Scientific method  ● observe  ● hypothesis (a possible explanation­ iterative, meaning it can be changed)  ● design an experiment  ● conduct the experiment  *we’re trying tdisprove​ hypotheses    Experiment  ● tests the hypothesis  ● 1 variable at a time  ● must include test experiment and a control experiment    Predictions  ● hypothesis should have predictions→ what you think will happen    Variables  ● dependent→ responds to the independent  ● independent→ manipulated by the scientist    Scientific theory  ● supported by lots of scientific evidence and reading  ● it’s accepted to be fact    Unifying Themes of Biology  Cell Theory→ life begets life… foundation for understanding growth and reproduction    Molecular basis of inheritance  ● Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)  ● sequence of 4 nucleotides encode cell’s info  ● Gene→ discrete unit of formation  ● Genome→ entire set of DNA instruction  ● heredity    Structure and function­ used for comparison across life    Diversity of Life arises by evolution  ● 3 Domains:  ○ Bacteria: single­celled prokaryote  ○ Archaea: single­celled prokaryote  ○ Eukarya: single or multi­celled eukaryote            The Origin and Diversity of Life  How were the conditions on Earth different in the deep past compared to conditions today?  ● composition of the atmosphere  ● pangea  ● climate    The Earth is Very Old  ● Geologic time is divided into 4 eras:  ○ Hadean  ○ Archaean  ○ Proterozoic  ○ Phanerozoic    Earth formed as a hot molten rock 4.6 billion years ago    Fig 26.1 in your textbook: do not have to memorize, but you should be familiar with it    Earth has changed over time (figure 26.3)  ● CO2  ● Plate tectonics  ○ Rodinia  ○ Gondwana  ○ Pangea    The past can be reconstructed from the fossil record  ● relative age→ position of fossil in the sediment tells us whether it’s older or younger than  another fossil  ● absolute age→ measure radioactive decay    Isotopes (forms of an element with different numbers of neutrons)  ● half­life→ how long it takes for the isotope to decay into its most stable form  ○ figure 26.4    Origin of Life  ● 1 hypothesis: life originated in oceans    Organic Molecules  ● extraterrestrial origin???  ○ an archae was carried to earth via an asteroid    Atmosphere lacked Oxygen gas (O2)  ● first organisms emerged 3.8­3.0 BYA    Miller­Urey Experiment  ● tried to create organic molecules BUT life begets life    RNA was 1st genetic material­ the first organisms were autotrophic (they make their own  energy)    Micro fossils were found in South Africa which can be dated to living appx 3.2 BYA    Life changes the planet  ● i.e. photosynthesis produced oxygen. Archaea took N2 and converted it to CO2 which  bacteria converted to O2, allowing for evolution of Oxygen breathers like you and me!    Ever­Changing life on Earth  ● evolution    Eukaryotic Characteristics  ● compartmentalization of cells  ● multicellular  ● sexual reproduction→ allows for evolution and genetic diversity    Bacteria and Archaea ruled the earth for 1 billion years before any other organisms developed    Eukaryotes have mitochondria and chloroplasts  ● many organelles evolved via endosymbiosis    Sexual Reproduction  ● Meiosis… produces haploid gametes  ● Crossing Over… mixes up mom and dad’s genes         


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