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Note for POLS 1337 with Professor McFaden at UH


Note for POLS 1337 with Professor McFaden at UH

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About this Document

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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
Exam 4b Review POLS 1337 15594 400pm TTh class Spring 2011 Note The computer will randomly draw 50 questions from a list of 75 There are 72 hints given below 7 3 hints are not provided The Topic No of Questions Capitalism and Socialism 7 of 10 US Economic Policy 9 of 12 US SocialWelfare Policy 11 of 15 Social Welfare in Europe CQ article 7 of 10 US Foreign Policy 8 of 14 Current Events 1 of 1 Textbook Chapters 3 of 5 Videos 4 of 8 Capitalism and Socialism Examples of capitalist and socialist oriented policies scenariosexamples given know details on policies that leans capitalist and socialist 2 questions advantages of socialism over capitalism one driving force in a capitalist system that has little intellectual appeal why the private sector has not funded projects to explore space why Congo or Iran or other 3rd world countries don t produce stories of great entrepreneurs Thomas Edison Wright Brothers etc Heritage Foundation capitalismsocialism scale China in 1980 v today where countries are located that tend to have the best scores on the GINI index pre1990 polling data differences between Americans and Europeans on issues presented on graphic why Bush and Obama were are more socialistoriented in their respective responses to the financial crisis US Economic Policy Lecture How does the federal reserve s monetary policy in uence the economy what presidents most want to avoid while in office because of the deficit and debt money is spent on what that otherwise would be freed up to spend on other items how US finances the de cit the deficit was what of the GDP in 2009 liberal and conservative options for cutting deficit 1 question what Bush the father did to address the deficit issue least likely option for reducing the US deficit means testing V nonmeans tested programs know examples also see lecture on SocialWelfare policy for examples what is the effect of higher tariff rates Obama s stimulus package Keynesian or SupplySided economics 1 hint not provided Making Economic Policy Chl7 What is fiscal policy SocialWelfare Policy Lecture estimate of split of US health care system that is socialist and capitalist after the 2010 health reform law is fully implemented professor s commentary on who is least likely to be rationed ie denied services when seeking health care in the context of discussion about Sarah Palin s death panel comments TR Reid s commentary on universal health care systems Medicare is program that re ects how health care is delivered in which other country how Americans receive health care coverage re ects the system in which other country 2 questions 2003 poll on Americans support for universal health care know details of the poll reasons why health care costs are rising in America know factors that are unique to America trends in costs of Medicare Medicaid and Social Security how is Social Security paid for and who pays for it why longterm financing of social security is a concern most probable proposal to better reform and better finance social security professor s commentary in class reasons both liberals and conservatives like the EITC program 1 question most important reform TANF put in place how the poverty rate has changed since 1970 the reason affirmative action programs are challenged the argument made by the plaintiff l hint not provided Social Welfare Policymaking Ch18 What is an entitlement identify the entitlement program from list of choices Policymaking for Health Care the Environment and Energy 1Ch191 What is defensive medicine CO Article on Social Welfare in Europe Article Sarah Glazer author of Social Welfare in Europe describes Europe s generous welfare systems as a cradletograve system how does she describe the underlying philosophy of welfare in America Timothy Smeeding coauthor of Wealth and Welfare States found that one can more easily go from rags to riches in welfarestate Europe than in America what does Smeeding cite for the reasons Which country presented in the CQ article spends the highest of its GDP on pensions income support for the elderly and their survivors How do the Scandinavian countries Denmark Norway Sweden and Finland avoid the high employment rates that plaque other European countries in a poll what of Americans v of Europeans believe people are awarded for their effort in their respective home economies among the European countries on which welfare policy area issue is there a greater consensus on which program or policy area to cut what is excurity in which socialwelfare policy area does the US spend more on than our European counterparts in protests of austerity measures 3 people were killed in an attack on a bank in which country what reforms are the British government proposing to address its budget deficit and overall debt US Foreign Policy In the context of the in uences on US foreign policy what is the meaning of the following Obama quote I think that it is important for Europe to understand that even though I39m now President and George Bush is no longer President al Qaeda is still a threat and that we cannot pretend somehow that because Barack Hussein Obama got elected as President suddenly everything is going to be okayquot what your professor believes Obama meant when he said It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these con icts because whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower and when con icts break out one way or another we get pulled into them if toughness is valued by the American people why did Obama win in 2008 how people in other countries generally perceived Obama s proposals in 2009 on closing Guantanamo withdrawing from Iraq and on sending more troops to Afghanistan see Pew Research Poll preventive selfdefense why is this policy so controversial how does US oil dependency manifest itself so as to produce negative sentiment for America in the Middle East estimates of world oil reserves over last 3 or 4 decades see trend in graph why America does not tap its own vast oil resources what happened in 2010 that dampened Obama s desire to drill for more oil how Brazil has achieved energy independence also remember professor s commentary in class if a country is to transition from poverty to prosperity what is necessarily true about what this country must do as it makes this transition a Pew Research Poll on Arab attitudes regarding how the US can improve its image in the Arab world why the US is not likely to be isolationist l hint not provided National Security Policymaking Ch20 What is an isolationist foreign policy who is the country s foremost diplomat not the president name the position or title Current Events How the death of Osama bin Laden is related to Obama s goodneighbor foreign policy think about Obama s tactics associated with the mutual interest mutual respect policy toward the Muslim world Videos CapitalismSocialism The Face of Facebook From whom did Mark Zuckerberg ask for permission or obtain a permit when he started Facebook Lawrence O Donnell on Socialism How O Donnell describes capitalism when discussing when Social Security and Medicare were first implemented Economies in other Countries Dubai II A political scientist from Dubai comments on what might be the consequences of Emir Sheik Mohammad s ambitions for Dubai Health Care Policy Medical Tourism Why people from the US and Europe travel to Thailand and India for medical treatment Energy Policy Nuclear Power in France What are the French doing that reduce the risk of environmental damage and thus may ease the concerns of environmentalists in America The Bloom Box What types of energy sources can power a bloom box Global Warming Global Warming How many years ago was it when the Arctic experienced a temperature rise similar to the temperatures experienced there today Nathan Mvhrvold s Solution to Global Warming Why environmentalists have reacted negatively to Myhrvold s solution


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