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French 1 Week 4 and 5

by: Mara Phelps

French 1 Week 4 and 5 F100

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > F100 > French 1 Week 4 and 5
Mara Phelps

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About this Document

Here is what we learned in class week 4 and 5! It includes lots of vocab having to do with traits and prepositions.
French 100
Marcel Tchatchou
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mara Phelps on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to F100 at Indiana University taught by Marcel Tchatchou in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see French 100 in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/14/16
Week 4 and 5 French Notes! Les Activités Many of these can be used for making sentences to describe what you like to do or adding the negative to what you don’t like to. aimer – to like, to love arriver – to arrive déjeuner – to have breakfast or lunch diner – to have dinner écouter la radio/ de la musique – listen to the radio or music inviter – to invite jouer au foot – to play soccer parler au telephone – to talk on the telephone préparer le diner – to fix dinner regarder – to watch réviser la leçon – review the lesson travailler dans le jardin – to work in the garden Some places… au bureau – the office à l’ école – a school au college – in middle school au lycée – in high school à la maison – in the house (at home) au restaurant – at the restaurant Things to do… la musique classique – classical music le jazz- jazz le rock – rock une batterie – percussion or drum set un concert – concert un harmonica – harmonica un saxophone - saxophone une guitare – a guitar le football – soccer le golf – golf le tennis – tennis le basket(ball) – basketball le football américain – football le hockey – hockey un match – sports game le rugby – rugby le volley(ball) – volleyball le cartes – cards les échecs – chess un jeu – game, deck of cards un jeu de société – board game le loto – lottery bricoler – odd jobs les loisirs – leisure time activities organizer une fête – to plan a party rester à la residence – to stay in the dorm avec – with un copain/une copine – friend ensemble – together une leçon de chant – singing lesson normalement – usually si – yes (only after a negative question) typique – typical Describing Physically jeune – young belle – beautiful grand(e) – tall maigre – skinny âgé – old beau – handsome blond(e) – blonde brun(e) – Brunette Châtain – auburn de taille moyenne – average height d’un certain âge – middle aged elegant(e) – elegant fort(e) – strong gros(se) – fat joli(e) – pretty mince – thin moche – ugly petit(e) – short, little roux (sse) – redhead Describing personality ambitieux (euse) – ambitious amusant(e) , drôle – funny bête – stupid égoïste – selfish énergique – energetic généreux (euse) – generous gentil(le) – kind, nice intelligent(e) – intelligent méchant(e) – mean pantouflard(e) – homebody, stay at home paresseux(euse) – lazy sérieux(euse) - serious sportif(ive) – athletic Asking Questions combien de – how many comment – how oú – where parce que – because pourquoi – why quand – when qui – who Other useful Words adorer- to love or adore arête! – Stop it! autre – other, another bien sûr – of course un chapeau – hat un(e) coloc(taire) – roommate comme – like/ as donc- then, therefore, so une fac(ulté) – college une histoire drôle – joke peut-être – maybe une photo – photo pour – for, in order to Immediate future – ce soir – tonight demain – tomorrow ce week-end – this weekend bientôt – soon le semaine prochaine – next week le mois prochain – next month l’été prochain – next summer l’année prochaine- next year Prepositions à – usually indicates location and can be used many ways Elle habite à Paris – She lives in Paris Il est à la maison – He is at the house Elle va à une fête – She is going to a party You can use it with Jouer as well Nous Jouons au tennis – we play tennis Ils Jouent aux cartes – they play cards à + le = au à+ les = aux à + la = à la à +l’ = à l’ de – indicates where something is coming from Mon copain Drew est de Anderson – My boyfriend Drew is from Anderson Elle arrive de France demain – She arrives from France tomorrow You can use it with jouer as well Son ami joue du piano – My friend plays piano De/d’ can also indicate relationships c’est le frère du prof – It’s the teacher’s brother de+le =du de +les =des de+la =de la de +l’ =de l’


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