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Review Sheet for MATH 2303 at UH


Review Sheet for MATH 2303 at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Review Sheet for MATH 2303 at UH

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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
M ath 23 03 Solving Equations In this lesson we ll review some techniques for solving equations and tackle the rst of the application problems Let s solve some equations In each example solve for X Example 1 7x7912 1 1 IX3 l Example3 g97 139 a 5 1 1 9 x Example 4 42 7 3x 8 434 5 ExampleS 372x749 3 15L 539 1K 6 quot Example 7572 n 1quot 1 E m 395 a LHgtCT 14 I J LLO 1 3 f QK La 15 A L39 Art9 3x l 1 lt5 x quot1 3 Example 7 2x796x3 an 39bx qK 3 k4 vL 1 1L1 J4 841395 LCD 1 83me m Nwm g wVHaRmeC u IWKTm u if UIIULP his 7 vi zn 7r ul 3 3 1w IITFHI0 X N 4 L mggm on mCchLlime 9722va f iiv I rrt H51 JJP 0 H ry lr 39LJH I LK Lo uf Zo wick Example 10 3x 275x73 72x21 LEyl 2 1x 1eA t39D Y 393 11 39gt Yue tor a Vto bquoers L we lt93 Proportions A proportion is a statement of equality between two fractions You can use cross multiplying to help you solve equations of this type If5 thenadbc providedb 0d 0 d 2x Examplell 9x 01 Z 5 7 Wx13 f 5 7C 3 Example 12 g llylLD gKquot0 lxlg 39 E pVQJ 7 2 3 7 A 3 9 45 q gtc 397q I l You can use proportions to solve problems Example 13 The cost for water in Houston is 405 per 750 gallons used What should be the bill for 12500 gallons used Cos l39 Si m S ItSf ak X H05 570 l 00 I LD Losom 190x 001 75 0 J lgD 150 0150 54 0 gm Example 14 Insulin comes in 10 cubic centimeter cc vials labeled in the number of units of insulin per cubic centimeter of uid A vial of insulin marked U40 has 40 units of insulin per cubic centimeter of uid If a person needs 25 units of insulin how much uid should be drawn into the syringe from a U40 vial mile at HOvv l l or E MD E X Ho Z 1539 I H0 D x UlC Example 15 One can of paint covers 1950 square feet of wall space If you need to cover 4794 square feet of wall space how many cans of paint should you buy Set up a proportion and solve it Qam qgoglz 1so q7qw qsox q7qq lQSD 13gb 2 14u Z Chvx Percent You should already be able to convert a decimal to percent and a percent to a decimal Example 16 Convert A 45 to a decimal Hsnc H5 B 0025 to percent Example 17 Compute 45 of 7000 4 y X 1000 ou 3L OD IOO3 DDO J 0 00 390 X173150 Example 18 What percent of2000 is 450 x asD 00 9000 gooo t qgooo 000 good 4 72 L a OF OD 128070 Example 19 300 is What percent of1450 1 3 quot70 ngo 70000 leL Iqsb Iago 107 I k Example 20 About 21 of a school population is enrolled in rst grade How many studentsattendthe school 11A 0quot 50 h DraDiQVs 3 g 11WE Example 21 About 450 ofthe students taking Math 1314 are in one ofmy classes There are a total of 735 students taking Math 1314 this semester What percent of them are in my classes x W5 I 3900 415 HSOL MD z usDDD 1S R 4 1g x ull Example 22 Reliant Stadium holds about 75000 fans during RodeoHouston 92 of the tickets for the Pat Green concert are already sold How many seats are le for that concert q 70 lg lt1 A 100 quot 000 tome ghsoooB 100x pooooo 100 loo 5Cquot9000


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