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Class Note for COSC 4377 at UH


Class Note for COSC 4377 at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement Where RPC fi rs in OSI model Ap licauons SEAT FTP TELbEI DNS SFMAP TFTP From TCPIP P7020501 311122 MEGmWJIlll 2000 Stubs Peterson amp Davie RPC Components Protocol Stack 7 fragmenm and reassembles large messages BLAST RFC protocol 7 synchronizes request and reply messages CHAN 7 dispatches request to the correct process SELECT protocol 22701 cosc 4377 Spring 2001 RPC 7 Supplement 22701 Programming Benefits The programming is easier since little or no network programming involved If an unreliable protocol such as UDP is used details like timeout and retransmission are handled by RPC package The RPC library handles any required data translation for the arguments andretum values mRmmzd m 1 M 2 s Simple RPC Stack m saga H m CHAN BLAST ml is s W W ETH meow r COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement 22701 SunRPC IP implements BLASTequivalent 7 except no selective retransmit SunRPC implements CHANequivalent 7 except not atmost once UDP SunRPC implement SELECTequivalent 7 UDP dispatches to program ports bound to programs 7 SunRPC dispatches to procedure within program Peterson amp Davie 7 SunRPC Header For39ma r XID transaction id is XiD XlD similar to CHAst M gType CALL M gType REPLY RPCVerSlOl l 2 Status ACCEPTED 39 Server does not remember Program Data last XID 1t serV1ced WW QM 39 Problem if client Procedure Credentlals varlable retransmits request while reply is in transit Verlflel varlable Data m Peterson amp Davie 8 COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement Por r Mapper Just another RPC program Listen to UDP port 111 and TCP port 111 Provide server procedures 7 PWPR OC7SE T Called by an RPC server on startup to register a program no version no protocol with port no 7 PAIAPPROCiUNSE T Called by server to remove a previously registered mapping 7 PAIAPPROCiGETPORT Called by an RPC client on start up to obtain the port no for a given program no version no and protocol 7 PAIAPPROCiDU IP Returns all entries program no version no protocol and port no in the port mapper database Port mapper starts rst listen to 111 gt RPC Server prog starts register withPAMPPROQSET gt RPC Client prog starts PMAPPROCiGETPORI gt RPC Client sends an RPC call message Peterson amp Davie 9 DCERPC Distributed Computing Environment DCE was de ned by Open Software Foundation OSF DCERPC is the PRC protocol at the core of the DCE and CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture Run on top of UDP Besides RPC DCE also includes security services LAN namespace services and network time services Sun has a Secure RPC for authentication Peterson amp Davie 10 22701 COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement 22701 Presentation Formatting Marshalling encoding application data into Application Application messages data d ta Unmarshalling l 39 Presentation Presentation decodmg messages into application data Data types we consider 0 Types of data we do not consider 7 integers 7 images 7 fleas 7 video Strmgs 7 multimedia documenm 7 arrays 7 strucm Peterson amp Davie 11 Difficulties Representation of base types 7 oating point IEEE 754 versus nonstandard 7 integer bigendian versus littleendian e g 34677374 2 17 34 126 Bigendian 00000010 00010001I 00100010 01111110 126 34 17 2 Littleendian 0n111110 001000n0 0001000n 00000010 High Low address address Compiler layout of structures Peterson amp Davie 12 COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement 22701 Taxonomy Data types 7 base types eg ints oats must convert 7 at types eg structures arrays must pack 7 complex types e g pointers must linearize I DDEIEI Application data structure Conversion Strategy 7 canonical intermediate form 7 receivermakesright an N X N solution Peterson amp Davie 13 Taxo nomy co nT Tagged versus untagged data I I I t e PNT Ien 4 Ivalue I417892 I 39 Interface descriptor for 7 compiled Ca p procedure P p 7 interpreted Arguments Speci cation Arguments Client C de Stub C de Server stub compiler stub Marshalled Marshalled arguments arguments RPC RPC Message Peterson amp Davie 14 COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement 22701 eXTernal Data Representation XDR Defined by Sun for use with SunRPC C type system without function pointers Canonical intermediate form Untagged except array length Compiled stubs Peterson amp Davie 15 define MAXNAME 256 define MAXLIST 100 struct item int count char name MAXNAME int list MAXLIST 39 13001 t xdritemXDR xdrs struct item ptr return xdrintxdrs ampptr gtcount ampamp xdrstring xdrs ampptr gtname MAXNAME ampamp xdrarray xdrs Septr gtlist ampptr gtcount MAXLIST sizeofint xdrint Peterson amp Davie 16 COSC 4377 Spring 2001 RPC Supplement 22701 Abstract Syntax Notation One A SN 1 An ISO standard Essentially the C type system Canonical intermediate form Tagged Compiled or interpretted stubs BER Basic Encoding Rules tag length value I type I lengthl type llength lt vaue gt type llength lt vaue gt value INT 4 4byte linteger Peterson amp Davie 17 Network Data Representation NDR Defined by DCE InteogfrbRep d Essentially the C type system 1 11131112 Receivermakesright Chzsrgzlgc architecture tag 1 EB CD1 C lnd1V1dual data items untagged FloatRep Compiled stubs from IDL tiff 754 4byte architecture tag 2 Cray 3 IBM 0 4 8 1 6 24 31 IlntegrRepI CharRepI FloatRep Extension 1 Extension 2 Peterson amp Davie 18 cosc 4377 Spnng 2001 RPC 7 Supplement 22701 Remo re Procedure Call Outline Protocol Stack Pres entauon Fom amng baud7 manor 5 oanavson mm book manna 1 RPC Ti meline awake manna 2


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