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Week 5 of history 202 lecture notes

by: John Hopkins

Week 5 of history 202 lecture notes History 202

Marketplace > Ball State University > Global Studies > History 202 > Week 5 of history 202 lecture notes
John Hopkins
GPA 3.061

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About this Document

Contains both lectures of week 5.
American History (1877 to the Present)
Simon Bolto
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by John Hopkins on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 202 at Ball State University taught by Simon Bolto in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see American History (1877 to the Present) in Global Studies at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 02/14/16
History 202 Lecture Notes ***These notes are not to be used in place of your own, you are still responsible to take your own notes. These notes that I am providing are to aid your own notes and help you study in this course.*** Lecture #9 – 2/9/16 The following lecture notes highlight the wars between the Spanish/Philippians and the Americans. - Many groups feel that the Gilded age is isolating them. o Farmers particularly. - The populist movement. o Started from the previous activism by farmers.  Black and white farmers working together to better their conditions. o Tries to use formal politics.  Tries to unite the producing class/blue collar workers. o Tries to bring back progressive income tax. o Support for public programs:  Education  To benefit broad groups of people.  Tries to invoke anti-trust legislations. o Tries to get more evenly distributed money in the working class. - Latches onto the democratic party. o William Jennings Brian – 1886  Cross of gold speech. o Lost to republican, William McKinley. o Populist party falls apart as a result. - Josiah Strong o Felt it was Christian’s responsibility to civilize and Christianize the world. o Manifest Destiny on a global scale. - Beginnings of the American Empire. o Influence and territorial holdings. o Reasons behind the Empire.  Political  Desire to demonstrate power as a world power.  Economic  Access to new markets/resources.  Social  Bringing Josiah’s dream true. o Civilizing and bringing the American way of life to the world. - How to drive the empire forward: o Military  Strategic territories.  Naval power. o Markets  Establish our presents into other markets that were unavailable before. o Missionaries  Bringing Christianity to the world. - Annexation of Cuba – 1880’s-1900’s o Profitable slave island for Spain.  1850’s southern slave owners wanted this slave state to become part of the US. o Strategic location o Cuba has been trying to gain independence.  Americans think we should intervene.  Others think it’s good propaganda/practice of our power. - Spanish American war o USS Maine  Sank off the coast of Cuba.  Stationed there to protect the American citizens residing there.  Americans think Spanish aggression led them to sink it.  Yellow Journalism fueled the fire.  The war lasted less than 10 weeks.  “A splendid little war” was how it was referred to. o Helped to affirm our status in the world.  The Rough Riders.  Example of what American men should be. - Cuba is welcoming our presents. - Spain declares this a sign of that the US is going to take over everything. - US takes Cuba and other Spanish colonies as our territory. o Heavy US regulations. - Annexation of the Philippines. o Similar story to Cuba o US declares that these areas are not ready for independence and self governance. - The Philippines/American war o Guerilla warfare in the jungle around difficult to maneuver islands and terrain.  Regarded as similar to the Vietnam war. - Emilio Aguinaldo o Sided with the US under Spain’s rule.  Angered by the US taking over.  Leads the resistance in the Guerilla conflict. - The American anti-imperialists league – 1898 o Condemns the US for interfering in international struggles. o Says that the US needs to pay more attention to its internal struggles. - William Howard Taft. o Governor of Philippines after the war. o Tried to change US and Philippines relationship.  Used the US power to improve their daily lives.  Gave them education and allowed some self governance. - The US citizens started asking a variety of questions: o Should we be doing this? o What do we do with all the people? o How will we use our military power? o What does this mean for our future? Lecture #10 - 2/11/16 - Even though new economic trends are taking place in the south, railroads, industry, old concepts such as agriculture still linger. o Portrayed through racial harmony through subservience. - Jim Crow o System of social and economic separation.  Often enforced by violence. - Based on benefits to White and wealthy classes to reside over society. o Segregation becomes public policy. o Understood that segregation is fine as long as both parties are equal which the case was never. - Homer Plessy o 1/8 Black o Supreme Court gave the separate but equal laws. - Jim Crow political ramifications. o Pole tax o Literacy test o Grandfather clause o Whites only primary o Democratic party takes over and erases Black political power.


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