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Psychology of Aging Weekly Notes

by: Kenedy Ramos

Psychology of Aging Weekly Notes 22392

Marketplace > Gonzaga University > Psychlogy > 22392 > Psychology of Aging Weekly Notes
Kenedy Ramos
Gonzaga University
GPA 3.5
Psychology of Aging
Dr. Wolfe

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About this Document

Weekly notes talking about age related changes like osteoarthritis, strokes etc.
Psychology of Aging
Dr. Wolfe
Class Notes
Strokes, osteoarthritis
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenedy Ramos on Sunday February 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 22392 at Gonzaga University taught by Dr. Wolfe in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Aging in Psychlogy at Gonzaga University.

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Date Created: 02/14/16
Psychology of Aging Weekly Notes Age Related Changes Osteoarthritis causes protective cartilage to break down which leads to expansion of the uid inside the joint the uid leaks into the bone and deteriorates the bone which can lead to potential damage Causes in ammation pain and restricted movement Can occur breakdown of the bone in both hips and joints Osteoporosis postmenopausal women lose bone density occurs more often in women than men calcium is lost and pockets grow inside of the bone which makes the bone brittle You can prevent this by consuming more calcium and exercising aerobic like running orjogging Motor Systems can be affected by both peripheral and central nervous system problems Peripheral Muscle ber loss begins in the 40 s and accelerates in the 70 s Once the bers are gone they cannot be replaced Bone ber loss begins in the 40 s Slow Twitch long duration activity such as walking or aerobic Fast Twitch short duration high intensity activity Aging results in reduced work capacity reduced muscle mass connective tissuemuscle stiffness increased healing time Exercise helps prevent this Hypertension high blood pressure Diastolic heart relaxes blood pressure falls and blood lls the heart Systolic heart contracts blood pressure increases and blood moves out along the vessels Embolic Stroke emboli are blood clots or atherosclerotic material that break off and travel to another location travels until it reaches a vessel that will not pass Cerebral lschemia lschemia is a group of disorders caused by insuf cient blood supply to the brain transient ischemia can be caused by e temporary blockage that clears before permanent damage occurs Complete infarct Partial ischemia Acute stroke symptoms unusual or severe headache decreased level of consciousness associated focal neurologic symptom unusual or severe neckfacial pain aphasia changes in speech facial weakness or asymmetry incoordinationweaknessparalysissensory loss in one or more limbs dif culty walkingpoor balance visual changes double vision loss of vision in one eye visual eld cut vertigodizzinessvomiting


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