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Ch. 6 Fitness Notes

by: Amie Fortman

Ch. 6 Fitness Notes PE 101-009

Amie Fortman
GPA 3.37
Fitness for Life

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About this Document

These notes cover information from chapter 6 of our book, as well as the lectures.
Fitness for Life
Class Notes
Fitness, Fitness For Life, exercise
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Amie Fortman on Monday February 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PE 101-009 at Indiana State University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Fitness for Life in Physical Education at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 02/15/16
Chapter Six Metabolism Chemical process carried out by body All things your body does to turn food into energy to keep you going Affected by age sex genes Exercise increases metabolic rate 35 days for 30 min recommended All individuals bene t from regular physical activity Moderate amount of activity on most days improves health and quality of life Greater amounts of activitygreater bene ts thsical tness the ability of the body to adapt to the demands and stresses of physical effort Bene ts Longterm makes everyday activities easier Shortterm protection against chronic disease Exercise planned repetitive physical activity lmproves physical tness provides greater bene ts Healthrelated Fitness Components Cardiovascular heart and lungs Endurance cardio and muscular Flexibility Strength Body Fat Percentage Things to Consider Frequency how often Duration how long lntensity the most important Progressive overload asking the body to do a little more than normal Determines in part the bene t Overload Principle You must perform physical activity in greater than normal amounts to get an improvement in strength endurance or muscle size Principle of Prooression Need to gradually increase the overload over time to achieve bene ts Repetitions and Sets standard way of referring to exercises prescribed in a weight Burn fat and tone muscle light weightshigh reps8 15 Build muscle and strength us heavier weightslower reps8 12 for size moderate weight 1 15 for strength with heavy weight Aways warm up Pick one exercise for each big muscle group Do 3 5 sets for each exercise Rest between sets Stretch after your workout Write everything down Breathing is a necessity Mix it up alternate sets Super Set or do circuit keep your workout under an hour Metabolic process turns food into fuel Resting Metabolic Rate 60 80 total number of calories expended by the body to maintain various lifesustaining processes Digestion 6 10tota energy expended by your body to digest absorb metabolize and store food consumed throughout the course of your day thsical activitv 10 40 the one you have the most control over Food digestion energy used to break down food Starts when you take a bite carbs burn rst Fat and protein meals take longer to digest leading to a higher expenditure of energy high protein as in a high protein diet promotes greater number of calories to be expended through digestion thsical activitv energy needs for daily activity Factors that in uence caloric intake RMR body weight and composition Age Physical activity level Other Health genetics gender To maintain weight calories incaories out Best way to lose weight Sowly 12 lbs a week 1 pound of fat3500 cal Daily de cit of 50 calories lose one poundweek 500 X 7 3500 Vitamins Not necessary if diet is healthy Multivitamins are safe not all vitamins are quotpurequot can be toxic at high doses


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