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First thingy uploaded!!

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1 review
by: Brittany Notetaker

First thingy uploaded!! English 308

Brittany Notetaker

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About this Document

This is a poem i wrote for a contest, feel free to read it :)
Class Notes
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1 review
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"Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!"
Frederic Gutmann

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittany Notetaker on Monday February 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to English 308 at Ball State University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Poetry in Foreign Language at Ball State University.

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Reviews for First thingy uploaded!!

Star Star Star Star Star

Killer notes! I'm stoked I can finally just pay attention in class!!!

-Frederic Gutmann


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Date Created: 02/15/16
Brittany Stokes Let’s trade places. Let’s trade places. Us. You and I. Let’s trade places. Not literally, mind you, but for a brief moment let us be like a Venn-Diagram. We are a pair of separate circles whom have not yet collided. Don’t worry, we will eventually. We always do. As surely as blue and yellow combine to make green, we will meet. Let’s trade places. We dart here and there in tiny little alcoves between fluid lines that to-and-fro as the waves of the Atlantic. We are fish that swim with ease through the calm turbulence of cold blue, ever wishing to grow wings and take to the sky. Let’s trade places. There is a deer standing by the lake. Its tawny fur reflecting the light of the sun that scattered through the leaves overhead. I stand very still, barely daring to take a breath. I don’t want to scare it off. Let’s trade places. You seem as if you are looking through a window on a winter’s night, seeking the warmth of the indoors. Maybe if you look close enough you will see me looking back. I suppose I could open the door for you, but how about a piece of bread instead? Let’s trade places. I stand frozen in a pool of spotlight on the stage. I can’t see you but I know you are sitting somewhere in the dimly lit crowd. The thought of you gives me comfort in this lonely place. I envy you in your safe place where no one can see you. But it’s far too late for that now. Let’s trade places. We are two hands on the clock. We spin endlessly on our axis and meet each other for only a brief minute. But while one moves fast, the other is slow. They dream of being their opposite and yet they continue as they always have. Let’s trade places. The general of a great army stands before a line of oncoming enemy warriors. He is the calm before the storm. He is the voice that makes us one. He is the leader that moves us into battle. This is the man for whom I will die. I wonder if he shares this sentiment too. Let’s trade places. We are brother trees and you have been casting the shadow. For as much as I resent you, you have always sheltered me. I often wonder if I could grow to be as great as you. But for now, I will wait for my sun to shine. Let’s trade places. You are at the top of a great slope. I stand at the brink of a chasm. Do we jump first and then ask questions, or is it the other way around? Or will the sublime happen and it will suddenly be possible to see you fall to glory first? Let’s trade places. Us. You and I. Let’s trade places. Hi there! I chose to upload this as a poetry sample 


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