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Japanese 112 Week 6 Notes

by: Riley Evans

Japanese 112 Week 6 Notes JPN 112

Marketplace > Oregon State University > Japanese > JPN 112 > Japanese 112 Week 6 Notes
Riley Evans
GPA 3.2
First-Year Japanese
Setsuko Nakajima

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About this Document

These notes cover the lessons on giving directions (basic structure of the sentences we use and how to make them negative), how to use も multiple times in a sentence, as well as all vocabulary lear...
First-Year Japanese
Setsuko Nakajima
Class Notes
Japanese, Japanese 112, Oregon State University, OSU, Nakajima
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Riley Evans on Monday February 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JPN 112 at Oregon State University taught by Setsuko Nakajima in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see First-Year Japanese in Japanese at Oregon State University.


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Date Created: 02/15/16
Week 6 Japanese 112 Winter Term 2016 Grammer The basic structure for these sentences not answering a question or anything is thinglilocationlz U 31 Translating to Thing is existing in location ex7J39 IZi gt Lid 5 U OffLVb K l I 397 U X l 59 U i Oregon State University is existing located in Corvallis You can add more using directional terms like i Z with a basic structure of thiglztlocationO direction word iii U 31 Thing is existing direction of location IE G AM lzl kidder 0 ii i 59 U i The Phone exists in front of Kidder In the past we have used It as an additional separate sentence We can also use it in place of making two sentences by using 1E in place of the first particle as long as we list another thing after it mfxemxvr L I do tennis and Basketball Coffee EBB to Tea usuallyJapanese green tea 395 amp 5 Sugar L33 Salt 09 miso L A 5 VJ Soy Sauce 7J39 Uzi Ln 5 U 9T L7b lt OSU 7J39 lZi DTELVb K UofO 8 Where C 7395 F9 Wherewhich way more polite than 8 VJ 5 UAJf i J 5 lt Post office i5 Train station lszVCAJ Concession stand 6 395 eXit L U 75 entrance J S39C oln bathroom C 5 lzfAJ police box 15751 3 subway t L 375AJ library A X CD bus stop FA 5 LAJ hospital 395 5 ahead 30 that AJ that area near you 0 AJ area over there 80 AJ what area AAJ Areavicinity l Building usually commercial Di To exist for living objects 7 C 160 Building more general than ii in front of 5 L7 behind it 5 beyond t 7E U Next tonext door l2f Near 3 lt l2f directly near 3 right UTE U left 5 Z top LT below 37L7 between 7 3 8 at the corner of


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