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Music Notes for 2/15 (Zimbabwe, Jeruserama)

by: Arely Sanchez

Music Notes for 2/15 (Zimbabwe, Jeruserama) MUMH 1600

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Music > MUMH 1600 > Music Notes for 2 15 Zimbabwe Jeruserama
Arely Sanchez
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

These are the notes for Monday (2/15). The cover the rest of the Zimbabwe music and culture.
Music in Human Imagination
Dr. Randy Kinnett
Class Notes
Music zimbabwe presentational and participatory formats national rallies
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Arely Sanchez on Monday February 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUMH 1600 at University of North Texas taught by Dr. Randy Kinnett in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Music in Human Imagination in Music at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 02/15/16
Cosmopolitan  Habits:     >culture     -­‐speak  English     -­‐start  saving  money     -­‐Christianity     -­‐western  medicine   >music     -­‐4  part  harmony     -­‐western  notation     -­‐clear  diction     ex:  shorten  bread   Concert  Style:   *combined  jazz  inflected  instruments  with  African -­‐American   vocal  styles  and  harmonies     ex:  De  Black  Follies     Mills  Brothers:  more  jazzy     Ink  Spots:  rhythm  blues;  doo  wop     Turino’s  ex:  Black  Evening  Follows:  Ewe  dudu   Music  and  Nation  Building:       ~people  came  to  Africa  and  colonize     ~there  was  war     ~  “we  need  to  build  Zimbabwe  as  one  nation”  -­‐>  this  led   to  a  problem:  there  would  be  too  many  cultures  and  people   would  want  to  be  separated     ~they  are  different  although  in  the  same  region     ~so  the  solution  is  national  rallies   -­‐national  rallies:  asked  different  music  groups  to  perform   between  speeches  and  they  would  also  dance     >it  brought  cultures  together     >they  bonded  with  emotions:  to  their  nation     >overtime  they  realized  it  was  all  under  the  Zimbabwe   umbrella   -­‐indexical  relationship:  “our  music/our  nation”     Participatory  to  Presentational  Formats:     ~in  1980  Zimbabwe  gained  independence     ~National  Dance  Company  founded  in  1980     ~So  now,  one  whole  group  would  come  up  on  stage  to   represent  everyone     ~  “revive,  develop,  and  promote  the  traditional  dance  and   music  of  Zimbabwe   Jeruserama:       ~circle  dance     ~on/off  sections  (8  beats  and  it  would  repeat)     ~can  be  in  pairs  or  one  person  and  they  go  to  the  middle     ~the  dances/moves  would  be  coordinated  with  the   situation     ex:  burial  (mimicking  digging  a  grave)   >Dances:   1.  Field  Mouse:  done  by  a  male   2.  Subtle  Pelvic  Thrust:  done  by  women  and  men  but  mostly   women   Performing  on  Stage       ~when  people  dance  on  stage  it ’s  hard  to  see  everyone  if   you  are  in  the  audience  (because  they  are  in  a  circle)     ~so  they  turn  it  into  a  line       ~the  moves  are  also  exaggerated  (they  are  more   sensationalized)     ex:  pelvic  thrust  is  more  sexual=serves  to  excite  the   audience     ~they  start  teaching  this  to  kids  in  school  (to  go  with  th e   idea  of  reviving  and  developing  traditional  dance)     ~the  downside  of  this  is  they   don’t  want  the  culture  to  be   seen  as  too  sexual  


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