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Webinar Test

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by: Anderson, Calvin

Webinar Test ECON 307

Anderson, Calvin
Rice University

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About this Document

Just here so I won't get fined
Probability and Statistics
Philip Ernst
Class Notes
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1 review
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"I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!"
Shaina Lowe Jr.

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anderson, Calvin on Monday February 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 307 at Rice University taught by Philip Ernst in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Probability and Statistics in Statistics at Rice University.


Reviews for Webinar Test

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I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!

-Shaina Lowe Jr.


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Date Created: 02/15/16
Calvin Anderson BUSI 310 A Change College is beautiful. It is the single time in your life that the dichotomy of being a kid and an adult simultaneously exists. Mistakes are welcome, independence is fresh, and your future is still a vast expanse of opportunities. Coming to a University like Rice is a once in a lifetime chance, so as a student and as a young adult you want to take full hold of that. My father always used to tell me that when you go somewhere, wherever it is, you want to leave it better than the way it was when you got there. What I have learned in my experience here is that the best and most impactful change that we can make to enhance this collegiate experience is to change ourselves. Venturing here to Houston and assimilating to Rice is a change in itself, but every year when new faces arrive and new lives are altered, the make up of what it means to be a Rice Owl is redefined. As a freshman newly exposed to the rigorous academic life, the parties, the social interactions, and even the infamous Beer Bike, you personally experience a complete breakdown. Everything that we have learned and gotten used to at home is put to the test, and life comes knocking at your front door and asks you what it is that YOU want to be. You are stripped away from the jurisdiction of your guardians and finally your own inner opinions and inclinations are considered. Life itself beckons us to take chances and to search our hearts for our own path forward. For some, they will seek out love and find that it is not only the hearts and kissing that they knew from their youth, but it is passion and commitment and so much more. For others, they will seek out a sense of belonging and find that if you don’t know and like yourself, than you can’t expect to be liked and known by others. No matter what you come to know, it changes you, and that change is the best change you can make to the community of Rice Owls and to yourself. A doctor by the name of David A. Kolb came up with the most modern theory of Experiential Learning, and this theory more specifically refers to the reflection that one does after an action or actions. When we reflect on our decisions, we are taught the intangible and most valuable lessons that life has to teach. They aren’t found in a textbook or on an online article, they are found when we allow ourselves to reach outside of the box we have created for ourselves, and grasp something totally new. So what would I change about Rice to make it a better University? I hope that I continue to change myself every day with new challenges overcome and a new sense of self-fulfillment reached. If this is the goal of our students, then what you will see is a large community of intelligent and wise young men and women. Wisdom doesn’t refer to our knowledge of formulas, but rather our knowledge gained from experience. So I say, allow Calvin Anderson BUSI 310 yourself to be changed. Don’t resist the untimely benefits that accompany new experiences, because ultimately when all is said and done, that knowledge is what will carry us through life. Don’t allow fear to stunt your growth, but be free enough to let the world around you show you what it has to offer. If we can all do this, than we can make the best change possible to Rice and that is adding wisdom to our community.


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