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Week 2 Online Lecture and Class Notes

by: Jordan Rouse

Week 2 Online Lecture and Class Notes HIS 121

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > History > HIS 121 > Week 2 Online Lecture and Class Notes
Jordan Rouse
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United States History 1914-1945
Lacey Sparks

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About this Document

This lecture explains why WWI began and the reason why the main powers joined.
United States History 1914-1945
Lacey Sparks
Class Notes
history, US History, Why War, Start of WWI, Great Powers




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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Rouse on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 121 at University of Kentucky taught by Lacey Sparks in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see United States History 1914-1945 in History at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 02/16/16
Week 2 Lecture Whv War in 1914 0 Crisis ofJuneJuly caused war 0 Group of Serbian Nationalists o Staged terrorist attack 0 Assassinated of Austria 0 Shot in Bosnia o Organized by Serbian Secret Police led by Apis o Hoped to expand Serbia 0 Emperor Franz Joseph of AustriaHungary decided Serbia could not be left unpunished for fear of all empires falling apart 0 Leading advocate of war head of AustroHungarian General Staff 0 Formation of Alliance prior to 1914 0 Layout of WWI 0 Austria tries to punish Serbia Russia says no to keep Serbia safe Germany protects AustriaHungary France has to join due to tie with Russia Britain can39t stand by in fear of Germany taking over Ottoman Empire takes revenge against Serbia 0 Italy ghts with Britain and Russia 0 Most signi cant con ict leading to war is 1871 0 Man responsible is o Create situation of German Domination Bismark Alliance System 0 If either Germany or AustriaHungary go to war the other has to help 0 1879 0 Italy joined 1882 Triple Alliance 0 Russian joined Three Emperors Alliance 0 Left out France who doesn39t like Great Britain because of territory FrancoRussian Alliance 0 Impossible for Russia to stay friends with both AustriaHungary and Ottoman Empire 0 Found common ground with France 0 1894 0 Similar to Mismark Alliance 0 0 Equal in military power 0 Britain stayed out until 1904 c European countries rapidly developed weapons 0 France invented 75mm eld gun Ship building competition 0 Germany and Great Britain 0 Kaiser Wilhelm II o Naval Advisor Admiral Tirpitz British needed to protect sea OOOOO 0 Most costly weapons 0 Britain tried to keep up 0 Germans created Dreadnoughts King Edward VII visits to Paris 0 agreement of two countries getting along against Germany Germany tries to tear Britain and France apart in 1905 France encouraged Britain to ally with Russia AustriaHungary annexes BosniaHerzegovina o Intensify tensions with Serbians o Irritated Russians Russia39s humiliating defeat with Japan led to uprising of people forcing Tzar to change France wins 2nCI Moroccan Crisis by giving Germany land in Africa Why Great Powers went to War 0 Austria teach Serbs a lesson Russiamaintain in uence of Slavic states Germany show solidarity France keep commitment to major ally Britain Keep commitment to France and Belgium Germany brings out plan to attack France rst Britain became obliged to help Belgium against Germans 1914 after 1830 treaty OOOO


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