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Sociology Chapter 3 Notes

by: RachelB

Sociology Chapter 3 Notes Soc 1020

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > Sociology > Soc 1020 > Sociology Chapter 3 Notes
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About this Document

this is the rest of the Chapter 3 notes on Socialization
Intro to Sociology 1020
Professor Lambert
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by RachelB on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 1020 at University of Cincinnati taught by Professor Lambert in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology 1020 in Sociology at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 02/16/16
Soc 1020 Buckel Prof. Lambert Chapter 3 (continued) Gender Socialization (cont.)  Gender impacts how we treat children o Mothers use different tone of voice and words when talking to children, even fetuses o Mothers more likely to hold girls facing them and boys facing outward o Conscious/unconscious o Goldberg & Lewis experiment with mothers and babies  Observed tone of voice, interaction between mothers and babies  Had the same kids brought in as toddlers and observed how boys vs girls wanted the toy from their mothers  Gender impacts what chores children do, how they are disciplined, and what they are allowed to do o Boys allowed to crawl farther from parent than girls o Boys encouraged to rough house, girls encouraged to play house o Boys and girls are given different toys and clothes  Learning gender from peers: o Peers discuss and reinforce gendered appearances, behaviors, and interests Gender in the Media  Advertising: o Different activities for males/females are emphasized  Movies/ TV: o Types of roles played by women and men  Video Games o 90% of main characters are male- female characters are sexualized  Anime: o Complex portrayal of gender roles Types of Socialization  Resocialization- learning new norms, values, attitudes and behaviors match a new situation  Total Institutions- people are cut off from the rest of society and are under total control of officials in charge o Boot camps, prisons, convents, some cults  Socialization through the Life Course o Does not merely represent biology o Social factors influence Life Course o Social location very significant Are we Prisoners of Socialization?  Sociologists don’t think we are o Sociologists understand that socialization is powerful and profoundly affects all of us BUT we have a self  The self develops continuously throughout our lives and through experiences, we become “individuals”  Individuals are actively involved in the construction of the self o Our early experiences in life lay the foundation but we can purposely expose ourselves to other groups/ideas which affect the self


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