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GEOG 3900- Global Climate Change Week-2

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by: Colin Kaltenecker

GEOG 3900- Global Climate Change Week-2 GEOG 3900

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Geology > GEOG 3900 > GEOG 3900 Global Climate Change Week 2
Colin Kaltenecker

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About this Document

These notes cover quiz 2 and wit's week 3 of notes. Professor Bryan Mark
Global Climate Change
Bryan Mark
Class Notes
Geog 3900, Global Change, global, MARK
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1 review
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"Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!"
Deja Abshire

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This 38 page Class Notes was uploaded by Colin Kaltenecker on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 3900 at Ohio State University taught by Bryan Mark in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Global Climate Change in Geology at Ohio State University.


Reviews for GEOG 3900- Global Climate Change Week-2

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Why didn't I know about this earlier? This notetaker is awesome, notes were really good and really detailed. Next time I really need help, I know where to turn!

-Deja Abshire


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Date Created: 02/16/16
GeGoCbaaphli&a3en0equgencesin Stripling under readings. consequencs”mp//wlPN..Smonenarmens/earth/features/war Rea •dinsMlat(erpC1h3i),“one…ane•hoanselsiidrnd . (homework due Thurs 21 Jan) htppQ9JikwLbUkJwjC-OhLNmeg/viewformKRLqOT7XVU0JwQIJ- – uncomstendingtdeoniiatepshangiwitoe:istuldl,aniniislweptS Su rv To yet a moreAcgain,te doeNOoTokurcollourianswers; you make a code to ) ” 2 believer v denier change perspective!(tp:// – w–emoitlr–sH–uSciiiiuatdrednaturslnd–a“ipSrsnfortio implications, adothrcehandlm odetofteodmmunication So• mThet h•nmTeetpmera’ure•rgrosoieadw,werchaeeraakesteli begin, and when? 2 (close books, name on blank piece of paper) anomaly?mosp herigC?)(scale of 1-5, 1 is most, 5 is Quiz!1. W2.Atiw3. Whe4.eHoiwmceasuremdears is an – Key terms: climate ‘normal’; anomaly Picking up from last timecnganvWrhgesitclmasoe change, and how do we know • Climate isabout’erWohatrselvwitffwumrdsabmuc how-to-fool-people-using- lobal-warming-has-stopped- http-c/ishteao://wt-th.ndutumrre.imm-be0tce?vn-/23 Trends v• Variatio•s hth/w-woresotets/etergleick/2012/02/05/g World Met Organization Report No. 1119 (2013) Decadal global surface temperature {Andrew John Herbertson} So, wh • At• sClml• Weather is the actual state of the Ave.6Cangs.rCequency •W httpab/wwtC.o Deinslrguit.1:Freaiuencys,AdK,lormiwNote mean & “tails”. From this, can we say WHY it changed? •Comuave“ageoor”sand Columbus climate •ttp:// Temperature units weather-related death in US Why do we care aboutortality is leading cause of rtain types of extreme ew/features/extreme-weather/overview/ “Alldabeppsngntulaereifinaamemunbcandiuisaidtthee.” • James Hansen’s perspective: Im ropllico f tglo b al owfar m hinfgt in gdrn ivin g extremes buttsoousoosttheeysari(utinonality) Prec •iTotataonual lrocpiatton isimportant, “…atatioperatuelalrnselneentsosdc) conditions over multiple decades What •MSdclimate • Wh aangei?terested in comparing Orienting ourselves to Ear• LatiTropicsom ii expertise needs to be content-specific & – E.g. legal system relies on experts • Experience, values, opinion leader, experts Note:ettiupaddiaon) – Co–niualibelieve any scientific claim?n)every subject Read • Why sho S•udoywoudoelouvdethermtixtbwookther or not to a critical consideration popular parlance: “I don’t buy it” – “Alltheack–sAcoverage“tyiotae”oNlaT);se dr Me •dUia:news stories are sold of dicusclmeathere.-oei.s/arkt Precsidern20ial•alepagnowas notable for a LACK US • Senarings th •ICCsporet007 Diwshartnsnpefarctrvvie ct?ion: no int’l scientists httht//whstyoutwbm..ouological-battle-over-global-warming/ Sc “ienottivictpeedr–sopeecitivons”vson of denial) • Is there• rehlludsthiAntiuc?proselnsus?ight be in our heads (psychology, climatPchange.zethni(WnMeglurioeeteoroi • Lead• Set up•in1eieb•yIndassRsseonhondENT of Th elmIateerCovanrnm eIPtaClPanel on person:   ‐iterate  limate A •un deirsplasi•iomyata’nabiisauloSource:oteme  s     the ou     on  f    our  iteracy and limate.   on    cience nfluence  ociety  nderstandinfluence Climateclimate’s    f      o        he   y  cianddhe  rinciples   for AALiteracy.      omNaatonnal)  uppported  ccSccennce Sciences  he  ff    conncepttssssociatonn  ssential    tanddardss    rinciple undderlying The Climateacch   Ammeerican Eduucationeenchhmaarks funthossenttal      arsystem  rimary  he or  s climate  un nergy  f  he 1. source      f    he  ncreasing ffect.  f  re  mplifying activitieses,enhouse      oncentrations the thesetural Human      n gasesrth’s   the   warm. ‐rapping  eat surface  tmosphere Natthelly,    y    ystems.  egulated  s  nteractions  arious  limate 2. complexng •46 •47       ndd  y limaatte  epends  arthaffeccts  n isfected    ifon, 3. Alaska   glacier,       MuAugust    imnatural    aries    oth  pace human  laska Climate   glacier,     4.overthr anudghcesses. MuAugust      he  ctivitsystem.   impacting Human 6. are climate          n life. change      ave  ystem will Ea th uman  limate and 7. consequences changing? (Des Chp 2) really observndxhcngesges be? Climcuenc•ihs• Are •umantatihatewlltyeiipac


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