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SPAN101, Puerto Rico/ -AR, -ER, -IR Verbos/ Irregular Verbos/ Chores Vocabulario Lecture

by: Stacy Downing

SPAN101, Puerto Rico/ -AR, -ER, -IR Verbos/ Irregular Verbos/ Chores Vocabulario Lecture SPAN 101-004

Marketplace > Towson University > Spanish > SPAN 101-004 > SPAN101 Puerto Rico AR ER IR Verbos Irregular Verbos Chores Vocabulario Lecture
Stacy Downing
GPA 3.94
Spanish Elements I
Caridad M. Nussa

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About this Document

Contains a good basis of the country Puerto Rico (including famous people, the history, the culture...). There are a list of common verbs for each type of ending. There is also a list of Irregular ...
Spanish Elements I
Caridad M. Nussa
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stacy Downing on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 101-004 at Towson University taught by Caridad M. Nussa in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Spanish Elements I in Spanish at Towson University.

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Date Created: 02/16/16
Puerto Rico AR ER lR Verbos Irregular Verbos Chores Vocabulario Pagina 63 Esmeralda Santiago una famosa escritora que vive en los EEUU o Graduada de la universidad de Harvard 0 Una maestra en Sarah Lawerence College 0 lst book quotCuando era puertorrique a When I was Puerto Ricanquot is a narration of when she was young happy with her family 0 She is the oldest of 11 siblings Rosie Perez una actriz 0 Instead of becoming a marine biologist biologa marina she became una dedicada activista a la epidemia del SIDA AIDS activist 0 And fought for La Paz y Los derechos de la mujer Peace and Women39s Rights 0 William Rodriguez el portero Janitor del World Trade 0 Es un h roe de fama mundial o Ayuda 15 personas en 911 Pagina 64 Dependiente D sales person 6 Medicoa D doctor Meseroa D waiter 7 Maestroa D teacher Porteroa l janitor 8 Arquitectoa l architect Secretarioa D secretary 9 Abogado D lawyer Cocineroa lcook 10Juez D judge P PWF 11 Common Regular IR Verbs 12 Common Regular AR Verbs 13 Common Regular ER Verbs 14Abrir to open 15Ayudar to help 16Beber to drink 17Asistir to attend 18Baiar to dance 19Comer to eat 20Confundir to confuse 21Cantar to sing 22Creer en to think believe in 23Describir to describe 24Cocinar to cook 25Deber should ought 26Descubrir to discover 27Estudiar to study 28Leer to read 29Escribir to write 30Habar to talk 31 32Recibir to receive 33Nadar to swim 34 35Subir to go up to raise 36Necesitar to need 37 Irregular Present Tense Verbs 38 EDIE 39 0UE 40 El 41 42 G Stem Stem Stem GoYo oYo Changing Changing Changing Ver Verbs bs 43Querer 44Poder 45Decir 46Deci 470ir r 48Pensar 490Ier 50Pedir 51Esta 52Traer r 53Preferir 54Dormir 55Seguir 56Hac 57Poner er 58Cerrar 59Almorzar 60Conseguir 61Ir 62Supon er 63Comenzar 64Contar 65Repetir 66Ser 67Deten er 68Empezar 69Costar 70Sequir 71Ten 72Mante er ner 73Entender 74Encontrar 75Servir 76Cae 77Preven rse ir 78Perdir 79Mostar 80 81Sair 82Contra decir 83Mentir 84Recorder 85 86Veni 87 r 88 0 Los Quehaceres chores Vocabulario Poner Ia mesa to 0000000000000 89 90Pagina 68 y 69 Ayudar en casa to help around the house Sacar Ia basura to take out the trash Pasar Ia aspiradora to vacuum Lavar Ia ropa to wash the clothes set the table Limpiar Ia mesa to clean the table Sacudir Ios muebles to dust the furniture Tender Ia cama to make the bed Cortar el pasto to cut the grass Limpiar eI bano to clean the room Lavar Ios trastes to wash dishes Lavar eI carro to wash the car Barrer eI piso to sweep the oor 0 Los puertorriquenos 0 Son ciudadanos de los EEUU desde 1917 US citizen since 1917 o No necesitan pasaporte para entrar en los EEUU 0 Que vivan en EEUU votan en las elecciones Those who live in the US can vote in the election 0 Que vivan en isla no pagan impuestos federales those who live on the island do not pay federal taxes 0 Aprobaron en 1991 tener dos lenguas o ciales o Tienen grande industrias textiles farmac uticas petroquimicas y electronicas o Nombre O cial Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico 0 Capital San Juan 0 Unidad Monetaria dolar estadounidense Famosas Personas de Puerto Rico 91Rita Moreno 92H ctor Elizando 93RaL39J Julia 94Rosie P rez 95Freddie Prinze 96Jennifer Lopez 97Jimmy Smits 98Ricky Martin 99Esmeraldo Santiago 100 PM Thomas 101 Miguel Pinero 102 Rosario Ferre 103 Pablo Casals 104 Marc Anthony 105 Jos Feliciano 106 Tito Puente 107 Los Alomar 108 H ctor quotMachoquot Camacho 109 Juan quotChichiquot 110 111 Rodriguez 112


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