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World Lit

by: Carson Lopez

World Lit 125

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Carson Lopez


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About this Document

Tuesday 2/16/2016 Notes for Brenda Craven's 10:30 class
World Literature and the Human Experience
Ms. Brenda Craven
Class Notes
Things Fall Apart, brenda craven, notes, tuesday
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 125 at a university taught by Ms. Brenda Craven in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 02/16/16
Tuesday February 16 For future reference: What is it about Ikemefuna that Okwonko likes so much? *Ike is strong and therefore manly in Oke’s eyes *Ike grows/matures a lot in the 3 years he lives with them *Ike befriends Oke’s biological son (Nwoye), and Oke hopes that Ike will rub off on him What we read:  Oracle tells Okwonko that Ikemefuna is to be killed by the villagers, but that Oke must not involve himself in it  Oke ignores this warning and strikes Ike dead anyway to prove his manliness, but then he can’t eat for 2 days because he’s secretly upset, but he blames it on the fact that it isn’t a busy season  When Nwyoe (son) finds out about Ike’s death, he cries and then is beaten for showing weakness like that  When asked why he didn’t participate in Ike’s death, Oke’s friend (Obierika) says that he had better things to do  An elderly man who was very attached/close to his wife—which is very bizarre to Oke— dies and then his wife dies shortly after, but the village does not sound the gongs due to protocol (note: protocol is very crucial to this culture)  Ekwefe has lost 8 or 9 babies at infancy and is told it’s because of an evil spirit who haunts her womb; so when she has her third, the corpse of the dead baby is mutilated so as to end the dark spirit’s tirade  Ekwefe gets very stressed out about her only daughter Ezinma getting sick (most likely by malaria) due to past losses  Oke helps break Ezinma’s fever with medicine and it is left to be supposed that Ezinma survives the sickness  Oke is present when his friend (Obierka) does dowry arrangements with the future husband of his daughter (Azuku)  Azuku is beautiful and always takes the beads she wears off when she is around fire so that they don’t catch on fire How Dowry Works:  Dowry = money paid by the wife’s family, and this money is extremely important in these types of cultures  The agreement of dowry made between Azuku’s father and her future husband’s family is settled with representational sticks Conflicts Man vs. Man Okwonkwo vs. the Cat Man vs. Himself Okwonkwo & his feelings towards Ike vs Oke’s need to feel masculine at all times Man vs. Society Oke pays reparations for beating Ekwefe during Peace Week Man vs. Higher Power Ekwefe’s fight to bear a healthy child & Ezinma’s sickness Man vs. Nature Village vs. Droughts/Locusts/Floods Assignment: read up to section 13


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