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lec notes 02/11/16

by: tanillemonica

lec notes 02/11/16 101- Communications

GPA 3.71
The World of Communication
Tammy vigil

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About this Document

vigil com 101 lec notes wk 02/11/16
The World of Communication
Tammy vigil
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by tanillemonica on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101- Communications at Boston University taught by Tammy vigil in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see The World of Communication in Journalism and Mass Communications at Boston University.

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Date Created: 02/16/16
Making messages continued Making effective messages Purpose what is needed why 9 Inform educate knowledge gossip 9 Persuade adopt dissuade reinforce 9 Entertaining voyeurism escaping catharsis 0 Each form in uence different focal point gt Often intercept Ex Super bowl Prius Commercial amp John Oliver Whole foods overpricing Target Who amp How Audience who are trying to reach Context Expectations Constraints limitations Discursive Consideration s discursive most appropriate for what amp who you are trying to reach 9 What types are most appropriate 0 Language considerations 0 Follow 6c39s Presentational Consideration Appropriate for audience context and purpose of message How in uence elements in uence meaning Is it appropriate for situation Does it take 6Cs into consideration Verbal discursive Nonverbal not always presentational Choices made discursive V Presentational dictate types of Verbal V Nonverbal elements used Blending can enhance but constraints blending may not prove helpful 6Cs39 language use amp message construction Cear Creative Concise Cuturay Sensitive Concrete Correct Clear 0 Say what you mean amp mean what you say 0 Never assure audience will understand it never clearly stated 9 Euphemisms amp vague language is only useful to leave ambiguity 9 Avoid big words for on sake but using words appropriately effective If using an image is it visible Concise Never use 10 words when 3 will do 9 Remember Occam Razor 9 Healthy vocabulary useful Presentational elements contain too much Concrete 0 V Abstract on the same page as audience 9 Specifying gt removing ambiguitygt leveling w audience 9 Visuals help level quickly 0 Abstract Presentational elements invite more varied interpretations Key enhance Concrete Presentational elements help bring abstract become concrete Creative Adjectives amp adverbs enhance meaning Make clear amp understand amp Interesting gtgt language tools Adding Words Attention getting amp retaining it Can appeal to emotions Unique memorable Culturally Sensitive Avoid language that is Sexist Racist Homophobic Know audience amp self Burke Terministic screens Intentional disruption V Unintentional offence Freedom to be creative does not release speaker from the consequences of thatspeech OOOOJ J J 0 Audience purpose context always matter Correct 0 Correct rules of grammar exist to facilitate communication 9 Only can break rules once you when have proven you know them gt Otherwise seems ignorant amp uneducated Failure to follow rules miscommunication Presentational form 0 Visual story telling presented as a whole non linear Complete powerful Text discursive Symbols in order to denote meaning Verbal communication is linear Powerful Why 0 Evolution of language 0 Writing w symbols 5200 yrs ago 0 Reading 11154th of human existence 9 Consider complexity of reading Text discursive not inclusive Survival Humans date back 6 million yrs 0 Modern humans 200000 yrs ago Stats 0 93 all human communication visual 0 Videos generate 94 more traf c Mediated COM Innovators Photo Journalism Graphic designers ln uencers PR amp Advertising Entertainers Film TV amp producers Narrative in mind 0 Visual COM Narrative plays on the mind of viewer No text no voicing Distinct from written amp oral COM Elements 0 Image conveys story 0 Places viewers in screen Context familiar relatable Composition 0 Structure focal point lightdark ColorBampW


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