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Note for ECE 2317 with Professor Jackson at UH mock exam


Note for ECE 2317 with Professor Jackson at UH mock exam

Marketplace > University of Houston > Note for ECE 2317 with Professor Jackson at UH mock exam

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About this Document

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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
Electromagnetics Workshop Solutions Exam 1 Review Problem 1 An electric eld is de ned in rectangular coordinates as E x 3y2 Vm 1 Calculate the voltage drop VA where A is the point 200 and B is the point 020 in rectangular coordinate by integrating along a path C1 b path C2 2 Find the potential B when the reference is A l V B l A B B A a VA lEdlEdLlxamp3c Jd B A A p2 IrZ IrZ VAR J pzcos sin 3p2sin cos d Ilt2p2sin cos d 0 p2 0 p2 VAR 2cos2 IrZ 0 4M d1 j xdxj 3ydy Z 0 wm N A b VAgz J Ediz B 20 sz AB 2 2 0 2 A BVAB3 B A VABl 4 3 V 3y2 264V Electromagnetics Workshop Solutions Exam 1 Review Problem 6 Find the electric eld in the x y plane due to the pair of uniformly charged line sources shown in the gure udu 3 u2b2i Useful integral J u2 b2 4 l Rp2z3922 31 1 pimp23 4717801 p2Z2 1 LapmppZfdzjp1ppzszdz 4750 pZZv2 p2zy2 TI moi2 32 dz 1 vim32 dz 1 p1p3Z 32 dz p2 z392E p2 z392E p2 z392E LE 1 LapmppZfdzjbapzppz 33612 4750 p2 52 p2zy2 1 A a Z 2zpzlb 3dz 471780 2 z i P Z39 2 Vm in Xy plane 0 b2p22 a2p22 Electromagnetics Workshop Solutions Exam 1 Review Problem 3 A line source of constant charge density p20 exists along the z aXis It is surrounded by an electrically neutral metal cylinder of thickness b a and a cylinder with uniform charge ps Cmz With radius 0 c gt b gt a a Find the electric eld in all regions b What are the surface charge densities at p a and p b c Now that the neutral metal cylinder is grounded Find the electric eld in all regions p20 quot Solution plo for p lt a 0 for a lt lt b a E z 1 A p Vm 27803 pZOE forbltpltc pl0 ps0 270 for p gt c b S pzoL pro Cml p5 pzoL pro Cml quot ZitaL 27rd b Zn39bL Zn39b plo for p lt a 0 for a lt lt b c E 1 p Vm Zirsop Q forbltpltc p50 27mg for p gt c Electromagnetics Workshop Solutions Exam 1 Review Problem 4 A static electric eld in free space is given by E ltcos 3zsin zp Vm a Find the volume charge density that produced this electric eld b Find the value of the total charge Q contained within the cylinder formed by the planes p 2 m and z i3 m centered about the origin c What is the value of the net electric ux out of the cylinder d A point charge q 5 C is added at 5 0 0 in rectangular coordinate Now what is the value for the net electric ux out of the cylinder e The point charge in d is moved to 111 in rectangular coordinate Now what is the value for the net electric ux out of the cube Solution a p V12 80 vE we p b Q pdVlzf p pdpd dz Qsoilirjpz dpd dzgo6 ogo so84232 250 c c 11 Q 327250 C d 11 32717280 C e 1 32250 5 0


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