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Class Note for COSC 1320 at UH


Class Note for COSC 1320 at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for COSC 1320 at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
l l Inheritance Proper Inheritance Multiple Inheritance Public Inheritance should model isa B publicly inherits isa from A This means every object of type B is also an object A of type A anything that is true of an object of A publicisa is also true of an object of B A represents a more general concept B than B B represents a more specialized concept than A anywhere an object of A can be used an object of B can be used Requirements amp Promises of Functions Advertised Requirements PreCondition Advertised Promise Post Condition Expressing Requirement amp Promise Unfortunately in C use Disciplined and Consistent Comments Example void pushint elem class Stack PURPOSE pushes elem onto the top of stack int topO const PURPOSE returns the top element REQUIRE numElemsO 0 PROMISE nothing REQUIRE numElemsO lt 10 PROMISE numElemsO INITIALnumElems l PROMISE topO elem Substitutability Advertised Behavior of the Derived class is Substitutable for that of the Base class Substitutability Derived class Services Require no more and promise no less than the speci cations of the corresponding services in the base class Example int Base fnint X REQUIRE X is Odd int Derivedfn1nt X PROMISE Returns an even int REQUIRE X is int PROMISE Returns 8 Liskov Substitutability PrincipleLSP Any Derived class object must be substitutable Where ever a Base class object is used Without the need for the user to know the difference Inheritance appears Simple class Bird has beak Wings etc public virtual void yO Bird can y class Parrot public Bird Parrot is a bird public virtual void MimicO Can Repeat words Parrot mypet mypetMmicO my pet being a parrot can lLimic mypet y my pet isa bird can y Yes it just appears simple class Penguin public Bird Penguin is Bird This inheritance says that Penguins can y Result of Incorrect understanding from an imprecise language statement Birds can y does not mean all birds can y In general birds that have the ability to y can y Penguins may try to y but will fail Design class Bird has beak Wings etc public v01d PlayWithBird virtual void yO Bird can y Bird y abird class Penguin public Bird Penguin is a Bird abird yO OK if bird PUbh X happens to be virtual void yO error Penguins don t y Parrot Does not model Penguins can t y Eggsnlsfg Models Penguins may y but if they try it is an error Penguin Runtime error if an attempt is made to y not desirable Think about Substitutability Fails LSP Not all birds y Penguins can t Design class Bird has beak Wings etc No y function Birds have beak Wings don t want to say anything about ying here class FlyingBird public Bird A Bird that can y public virtual void yO class NonFlyingBird public Bird A Bird that can t y class Parrot public FlyingBird class Penguin public NonFlyingBird More examples on Inheritance 0 Does class Square inherit from class Rectangle 0 Does class Basket of Bananas inherit from Basket of Fruits Design should be based on Requirements and Requirements The best design depends on What the system is expected to do both now and in the future Multiple Inheritance An object is a kindof more than one type AquaticBeing swim TerrestrialBeing walk Amphibian adopt Ambiguous Functions in Multiple Inheritance TA sam samGoToClassO Student Teacher G T Cl G T Cl OStZdVSO OTCChaSO TA has to overrlde the GoToClass function Sam TA obj ect Student Data Teacher Data TA Data Duplication of Base Class Data in Multiple Inheritance class Window Represents a Window on the Computer class WindowWMenu public Window class WindowWScrollBar public Window class WindowWMenuAndScrollBar public WindowWMenu public WindowWScollBar WindowWMenuAndScrollBar mywindow mywindow Window Data Object WindowWMenu Data Window Data WindowWScrollBar Data WindowWMenuAndScrollBarDat Virtual Base Class class Window Represents a Window on the Computer class WindowWMenu public Virtual Window class WindowWScrollBar public Virtual Window class WindowWMenuAndScrollBar public Virtual Window public Virtual WindowWMenu public Virtual WindowWScollBar WindowWMenuAndScrollBar mywindow mywindow Object Window Data WindowWMenu Data WindowWScrollBar Data WindowWMenuAndS crollBarData Problems With Repetitive Calls to Functions in Multiple Inheritance WindowWMenu drawO Wlndow Windowdraw draw WindowWScrollBar drawO Windowdraw WindOWW WindowWMenuAndScrollBardrawO Menu scro ar WindowWMenudraw draw draWO WindowWScrollBar draWO WindOWWMenu mywindowdrawo Andscro ar Window draw will be called twice draw Lab Work Details provided online


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