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Week Notes

by: Kaley Manspeaker
Kaley Manspeaker
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These notes will cover basic HouseKeeping terms and jobs and will be on exams
Lodging Management and Operations
Professor Miller
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaley Manspeaker on Wednesday February 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to tcem h 105 at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis taught by Professor Miller in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Lodging Management and Operations in Hospitality at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 02/17/16
Lodging and Operations Management Lecture Notes Departments:  Housekeeping staf  Scheduling and turnover  Guest room cleaning  Public area cleaning  Inventory and control  Employee safety Housekeeping Staf:  Executive housekeeper  Public, guest room, linens, supplies assistants  Inspector- training and monitoring team  House staf- deep cleaning and furniture moving  Laundry- sort, pre-treat, chemical knowledge  Guestroom Attendants- day, bath, and night  Runner- Floor linen closet stock, on-demand  Linen room supervisor and attendants- count and move to floors Scheduling and Turnover:  10 – 15 day schedules with 1-3 day adjusts  Know forecasts  30 minutes per room, 30 minute lunch, 15X2 breaks  200 X 80% = 160 rooms 4800min/60 = 80 hours = 10 ppl working  Turnover % = New and separations / Employees X 100 Public Area Cleaning:  Rotation through the day  Know hotel’s schedule of events  Teamwork – multiple people have responsibility vs. room attendants having own area  Continual inspection  Inconspicuous, observant, and efficient Employee Safety:  Large debts – accidents happen  OSHA- Occupation Safety and Health Act – standards  Elements: chemical, burn, rushing, wet floor, personal decisions  HAZCOMM- Hazard common standards  Economic impact  Accident prevention- training, observance, alert


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