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Class Note for COSC 3351 with Professor Gabriel at UH 2


Class Note for COSC 3351 with Professor Gabriel at UH 2

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for COSC 3351 with Professor Gabriel at UH 2

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Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
1 PSTL I Causes for difficulties Complexity Number of internal states of large software projects orders of magnitude higher than hardware products Complex interactions between elements Basically no identicalrepetitive elements Abstracted to functionclasses gt high probability for errors in requirements and specifications gt high probability for miscommunication among team members coscxm smwarenesugn r EdgarGabnel 211 p PSTL I Causes for difficulties Conformity Software expected to conform to standards imposed by others eg Hardware Existing software eg Operating System Database Legislators Changeability No other complex product encounter such frequent changes as software Invisibility Did you know that the source code of your microwave is gt 200000 lines cost 3351 Software Deslgn Edgar Gabriel PSTL I Type of design errors Incorrectness the design does not meet the requirements Inconsistency eg two design statements make conflicting assumptions about the functionality of a component Ambiguity eg the design specification can be interpreted multiple ways Inferiority the design does not address quality requirements adequately Examples inefficiencies inflexibilities cost 3351 SoftwareDeSlgn Edgar Gabriel 3 PSTL I Vehicles to overcome difficulties Axioms for good design Separation of Concerns A complex problem can best be solved by devising intermediate solutions expressed in terms of simpler independent problems Comprehension the mind cannot manipulate more than seven two things at a time Translation A correct design that meets its interface and behavior specifications in one environment will continue to meet its specifications in another environment provided that the new environment provides equivalent services Transformation design correctness is unaffected by replacement of equivalent components cost 3351 Software Design Edgar Gabriel PSTL I Basic rules for software design Modular design create units with loose interunit coupling Portable design employ abstract context interfaces Malleable design malleability can be achieved by modeling the endusers view of the external environment Conceptual integrity uniform application of a limited number of design forms Intellectual control recording design as increasingly detailed abstractions Visualization representing design in visual notations such as diagrams and figures coscxm smwarenesugn EdgarGabnel 3 PSTL I The context of design Eg in the V model Input functional specification and nonfunctional requirements as the result of the requirements analysis and functional specification phases Output design specification that describes software architecture and module design of the software components Similar steps for all other models 0050 3351 Software Deslgn Edgar Gabriel aa PSTL I Stages of software design Architectural design Organization of the system as a composition of components Assignment of functionality to components Global control structures Protocols for communication synchronization and data access Physical distribution Scaling and performance Dimensions of evaluation Selection among alternatives Detailed design gt r K m Egg cxiglsmwareneslgn m 3 PVSTL I Design strategies I Decompositional methods Topdown approach Starts with the original description of the problem or model Decompose the problem into subproblems Solve the subproblems separately Compositional methods Starts by identifying a set of particular entities and objects involved in the problem Each entitiesobjects are described and grouped Define relationship between entities gt create larger components m 0050 551 Software Deslgn 1 PSTL I Design strategies II Design templates Many problems have a great deal of similarities Abstract similarities into templates Reuse proven design templates Incremental and evolutionary strategies Trialanderror a design solution for a carefully chosen subset of requirements Evaluate against other requirements Make modifications to meet other requirements while preserving the required properties that it already has satisfied coscxm smwarenesugn r EdgarGabnel 3 PSTL I Popular Design Methods Jackson structured Programming JSP and Jackson System Development JSD Structured Methods eg SADT and SSADM Object oriented methods eg UML Various formal methods cost 3351 Software Deslgn Edgar Gabriel r PSTL I Jackson Structured Programming Structured programmmg baed on correpondence between data tream tructure and program tructure JSP tructure program and data m term of e fundamentat aperatran e equence r vterauun and e etectran Each program mput and output I modened a a eparate Data Structure Dvagram DSD nput and Output Structure are merged mto a Program Structure Dvagram PSD l 53er mm P TL I Jackson Structured Programming A rmpte operauon v drawn a a box A equence ofoperatvon v repreented by boxe connectedvmth tme eg A corvmt of B c D n af xedquot nuquot r PSTL I Jackson Structured Programming An vterauon y repreented mm Jomed boxe m addmon the vterated operatvon he a tar m the top nght corner t A elecuon y wmtar to a equence butvmth a cvrde m the top ght corner eg A conmt ofevther b c or D Txx MWmquot 39 r 7 m PSTL I JSP example a runlength encoder nput a byte Lream Output Lream of pavr comvmng of a byte atongvmth a count of the byte comecutvve occurrence rm Lep modet mput r tream uf byte whvch can be wewed a 4 Zeru ur mare rum 7 Each run cumm at me ur mure byte ufthe ame vatue l aimW m P3TL I JSP example a runlength encoder Model output 7 Zeru urrhure gt5er 7 each patrcuhttthg Ufa byte and n cuuht Baf n w ms 39U39H t PSTL I JSP example a runlength encoder Demnbe the correwondence between the mput and the output In its PSTL I JSP example a runlength encoder Merge the Lructure l mmW mm e PSTL I JSP example a runlength encoder lxmlude ltscdm hgt lxmlude can hgt me mum ms 1103 3mm a mummy mm a w 5qu me mm 1 me mime c a yanks mm a w m 55 n may 55 cm lt 255 caunzH a yanks Puncher fxxscibyb h magma In mum mysuccxss 2 31 P TL COSC 3351 Software Design Software Design Methodology Edgar Gabriel Spring 2008 PVSTL I Outline Causes of difficulties in software design Vehicles to overcome difficulties Various strategies to solve software design problems Understand the basic structure of software design methodologies cost 3351 Software Deslgn Edgar Gabriel


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