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Art 1906 Notes for Exam #2

by: EvaNolan

Art 1906 Notes for Exam #2 ART 1906

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Art History > ART 1906 > Art 1906 Notes for Exam 2

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About this Document

Notes from today's lecture. 2/17
Art History Survey 1
Michael Duffy
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by EvaNolan on Wednesday February 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1906 at East Carolina University taught by Michael Duffy in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Art History Survey 1 in Art History at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 02/17/16
2/17/16 Ancient Greece: High Classical Period c. 450-400 BCE *Study the reconstruction drawing of The Akropolis, Athens. (Fig. 05- 35) Kallikrates and Iktinos VIEW (A) AND PLAN (B) OF THE PARTHENON: Akropolis, Athens. 447-432 BCE. Pentelic marble. Photograph: view from the northwest. (Fig. 05-36a) (Fig. 05-36b is a diagram). PHOTOGRAPHIC MOCK-UP OF THE EAST PEDIMENT OF THE PARTHENON (USING PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE EXTANT MARBLE SCULPTURE): c. 447- 432 BCE. The gap in the center represents the space that would have been occupied by the missing sculpture. The pediment is over 90 feet (27.45m) long; the central space of about 40 feet (12.2m) is missing. (Fig. 05-37a) (Fig. 05-37b is an alternate view). LAPITH FIGHTING A CENTAUR: Metope relief from the Doric frieze on the south side of the Parthenon. C. 447-432 BCE. Marble, height 56” (1.42m). British Museum, London. (Fig. 05-38) HORESEMEN: Detail of the Procession, from the Ionic frieze on the north side of the Parthenon. C. 447-432 BCE. Marble, height 41 ¾” (106cm). British Museum, London. (Fig. 05-39) YOUNG WOMEN AND MEN: Detail of the Procession, from the Ionic frieze on the east side of the Parthenon. C. 447-432 BCE. Marble, height 3’6” (1.08m). Musee du Louvre, Paris. (Fig. 05-40) RE-CREATION OF PHEIDIAS’ HUGE GOLD AND IVORY FIGURE OF ATHENA: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. (Fig. 05-41) Polykleitos SPEAR BEARER (DORYPHOROS): Roman copy after the original bronze of c. 450-440 BCE. Marble, height 6’11” (2.12m); tree trunk and brace strut are Roman additions. National Archaeological Museum, Naples. (Fig. 05-42 Technique) ERECHTHEION: Akropolis, Athens. 430s-406 BCE. View from the east. Porch of the Maidens at left; the north porch can be seen through the columns of the east wall. (Fig. 05-44) PORCH OF THE MAIDENS (SOUTH PORCH), ERECHTHEION: Akropolis, Athens. Porch c. 420-410 BCE. (Fig. 04-45) 2/17/16 NIKE (VICTORY) ADJUSTING HER SANDAL: Fragment of relief decoration from the parapet (now destroyed), Temple of Athena Nike, Akropolis, Athens. Last quarter of the 5 century (perhaps 410-405) BCE. Marble, height 3’6” (1.06m). Akropolis Museum, Athens. (Fig. 05-46) Priam Painter WOMEN AT A FOUNTAIN HOUSE: 520-510 BCE. Black- figure decoration on a hydria. Ceramic, height of hydria 20 7/8” (53cm). Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. William Francis Warden Fund. (61.195). (Fig. 05-48) GRAVE STELE OF A LITTLE GIRL: c. 450-440 BCE. Marble, height 31-1/2” (80cm). Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (Fig. 05-49) GRAVE STELE OF KTESILAOS AND THEANO: c. 400 BCE. Marble, height 36-5/8” (93 cm). National Archaeological Museum, Athens. (Fig. 05-50) *ATHENIAN AGORA, PAINTED PORTICO, NORTH SIDE STOA: ca. 450s BCE. Style of the Achilles Painter WOMAN AND MAID: c. 450-440 BCE. White- ground lekythos. Ceramic, with additional painting in tempera, height 15-1/8” (38.4cm). Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Francis Bartlett Donation of 1912. (13.201). (Fig. 05-51)


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