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HY 121 Week 6 Notes

by: Jada Beckham

HY 121 Week 6 Notes HY 120

Jada Beckham

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About this Document

These notes cover The British Falling Apart
The United States To 1877
Pamela S. King
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jada Beckham on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 120 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Pamela S. King in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see The United States To 1877 in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 02/18/16
HY 121/ Week 6 Feb/16/16 British Empire Falling Apart  What causes the empire to fall apart?  The English roles begin to shift when the empire starts to fall apart  (1754-1763)French & Indian war (7 years’ war) o Creates instability o Create a shift in balance of power  Things that are pressuring the war is o 1) mercantilism o 2) Enlightment Period-rearranges the way people look at the world  The question after the war is who is going to control the world now and which European power is going to be the super power o The answer is whoever control the new world wins (England or France)  1756 the French push down from Canada into the neutral territory which is now the United States (Mid-west) o England and Native Americans have to react now, Native Americans already owned that territory o Native Americans really holds the balance of power and the English tries to get the Native Americans on their side and the French tries the same o Native Americans are at a powerful position o Native Americans point of view is that the French is easier to deal with than the English o They side with the French against the English  How does the English respond? o Try to pull their English colony into a partnership called the Albany Congress to defend the English and their homeland from the French and Indian o Albany Congress agrees and forms a Plan of Union  During the war everyone had a big ego and causes a big problem especially for the English  The Early years of the war France beats English, and Spain now wants to side with France o What does Spain and France have in common? They are both Catholics  The early war with France vs English was called the Guerilla war o Guerilla war is more unorganized and more like a street fight  Spain comes in 1762  William Pitt takes over for the English-new secretary of state o 1757 English puts a new leader in charge o English now begins to win o English point of view is that William is obviously a hero  William Pitt strategies that helped English win o he decides to impress “impressment” of American sailors  They drafted (kidnapped) soldiers into the English navy  France now waits for an opportunity to take England down o That opportunity is going to be the American revolution  Paxton Brothers-western frontiers that are wild, angry and resented everything about the people on the eastern sea board o They cause holy hell on the frontier  Proclamation of 1763- American colonist will hereby no longer be permitted to go west pass the Appalachian mountains o Issued by King George III  The American is going to think up against the English  Once the war is over the Americans targets taxes o The English thinks war is expensive  The King of England has assigned a prime minister who is George Greenville o he is charged with paying off England huge war debt o from England point of view the American colony need to pay the debt off because they fought to keep him from becoming French o The Americans paid about 1/5 of the taxes that English in England paid meaning they are NOT heavily taxed  Radical Whigs- English writers, that are radical o Forced to write illegal o They stated that monarchies by definition are opposed to freedom and are agents of tyranny o Says to their audience that power is male and men who represent power are always threatening virtue represented by female  The English pass a series of Taxes o Americans are taxed at a rate of 1/5 st  One of 1 tax is the Sugary Currency Tax o Put new taxes on those coming into the colony  2 big Tax is the Stamp Tax o A tax on all printed material


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