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Class Note for COSC 6397 at UH


Class Note for COSC 6397 at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
39 I Process Migration Movement of a currently executing process to a new processor I Process migration mechanism how the system migrates a process from source to destination Homogenous a Heterogeneous Distributed shared memory I Remote execution process execution on a new machine I Load balancing policy when and where to transfer a process i Eg CPU resource network bandwidth 167 Example Heart Tr hsplant 168 39 I Metrics of Process Migration I Process migration time 1 The time from issuing the migration request until the process can execute on the new machine I Excision time 1 l The time it takes forthe process of extracting process information from the operating system kernel I Insertion l The time it takes forthe process to insert process information to the operating system kernel 169 39 I What needs to be migrated I Process control information iquot Priority state process ID parent process ID I Execution state iquot Processor state registers stack pointer program counter I Address space The entire virtual memory of the process I Message Buffer messages eg in the network stack or from other processes I File information Can all processes be migrated 170 39 I Process Migration Algorithms I Total copy 1 As its name suggests l Simple Ii39Z Heavy overhead I Demand page l No virtual memory pages Ii39Z Transfer on demand in case of page faults I File Server l Introduce a third server I Freeze free i 1 Send current code stack and the current heap page Ll Separate process state from the state of communication links the later is migrate separately 171 39 I quot OS Virtualization in MobiDesk III I Each session gets its own virtual private namespace quot Virtual all 08 resources are accessed through virtual identifiers 1 Private only processes within session can see the namespace I Virtualization layer associate a virtual ullnl ll txcu splay name with the 08 physical name T f I Traps all calls to OS and translates Em v names g mm 9 m 1quot System call interposition wrappers klt9gw m around system calls that translate l virtual names to physical names and prevent accesses across the session Figure 1 I JalwiDc k Architrclun chroot and file system stacking to provide each session with its own file system namespace Reminds of cygwin 172 39 I OS Virtualization in MobiDeskCont d Ill I Migration of session 1 1 Use checkpoint restart Suspendthe session I Save highlevel representation Digital signed and transferto another machine Only applicable to the same platform may accommodate different kernel version I Comments i Software like VMWare Vl ndows Virtual Desktop provides Virtualization of entire 08 and allows running applications compiled for one platform to run another platform but sessions cannot be migrated across platforms 173 39 I Network Virtualization in MobiDesk ml I Issues 3 Multiple sessions on the same server may run the same service i i Ongoing network connections must be preserved when a session is migrated from one server to another 174 39 I Case 1 All servers on same subnet I Solutions Each session gets an IP address from the DHCP server Uses it as an alias on the NIC on the attached physical machine quoti Gratuitous ARP is used to resolve MAC address change when sessions are migrated Proxy redirects traffic to and from aliased addresses corresponding to individual sessions I Comments 139 Transparent to the network layer 1 Combined with NAT 1 Exhaustion of private IP address space 175 39 I Case2 Across different subnets I INCONSISTENCY cannot migrate an aliased address obtained in one subnet to another and retain current connection I CONFLICT the aliased address may be reused in old subnet confusing the proxy sessionz id 1910 1P0 session 1 UFO IP10 sessionZ 90 IP10 server 1P1 sessionz IP10 reuse Ipo session 1 IP 10 IPO Inconsistency in server 1P2 sessionl 1920 176 quot Solution I Virtual address physical address pair Use virtual addresses for proxy mapping and map these virtual addresses to physical aliased addresses dynamically at the proxy I Each session is bound to a different virtual NIC at the proxy and labels in packets are used to identify the virtual NIC to which the session is bound sessionl 190 P10 39l 190 IPZO sessionz 1130 IP10 sessionZ 1pm 1P0 sewer 1P1 sessiDnZ p10 reuse sessionl 1910 190 a 11320 Inc I t I o l in I l sewer 1P2 sessionl 1920 1 77


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