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Class Note for ECE 3317 with Professor Jackson at UH


Class Note for ECE 3317 with Professor Jackson at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for ECE 3317 with Professor Jackson at UH

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Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
A waveguiding structure is one that carries a signal or power from one point to another There are three common types Transmission lines Fiberoptic guides Waveguides Properties Has two conductors running parallel Can propagate a signal at any frequency in theory Becomes lossy at high frequency Can handle low or moderate amounts of power Does not have signal distortion unless there is loss May or may not be immune to interference Does not have E2 or HZ components of the fields TEMZ y RjaLGjaC k2 j j1RjaLGjaC J a Lossless kl 0 LC 2 a ya k always real OL 0 Properties Has a single dielectric rod Can propagate a signal at any frequency in theory Can be made very low loss Has minimal signal distortion Ver immune to interference Not suitable for high power Has both E and Hz components ofthe fields Iut39kcl u n um Bulkr 1544 um tt g lf Two types of fiberoptic guides 1 Singlemode fiber Carries a single mode as with the mode on a waveguide Requires the fiber diameter to be small relative to a wavelength 2 Multimode fiber Has a fiber diameter that is large relative to a wavelength It operates on the principle of total internal reflection critical angle effect MultiMode Fiber Accgg aence I httpenwikipediaorgwikiOptica ber Properties Has a single hollow metal pipe Can propagate a signal only at high frequency a gt 6 The width must be at least one half of a wavelength Has signal distortion even in the lossless case Immune to interference Can handle large amounts of power Has low loss compared with a transmission line Has either E2 or HZ component of the fields TMZor TEZ httpen wikipediaorgwikiWaveguideelectromag netism Cutoff frequency property derived later In a waveguide kc constant k a 8 wavenumber of material inside waveguide We can write kc QC 8 wavenumber of material at cutoff frequency 06 agta 39 k kZ kf rea propagation c 39 z a lt we k2 j k k2 imaginary evanescent decay Statement All six field components of a guided wave can be expressed in terms of the two fundamental field components EZ and HZ quotGuidedwave theoremquot Assumption This is the definition of a guided wave A proof of this statement is given next Proof illustrated for By Vx ng 1 Ey Now solve for Hx VXEjw 8E Hx 1 6EZ y jam 8y 82 2 6E2 ijE jaw 6y y Substituting this into the equation for Ey yields the result E aHZ kz 8E2 4sz y jaw 6x jaw 6y y Next multiply by jayjag k2 This gives us 8H2 aEZ szy jam jkz k Ey 8x 8y Solving for By we have The other three components Ex Hx Hy may be found similarly E aw 6HZ jkz aEZ x kZ kz ay kZ kf ax mu 6H2 jkz 6E2 k2 8x k2 kZ2 8y I o avoid havihg a completely zero field k k Hehce Examples of TEMZ waves A wave in a transmission line A plane wave ml 51 S plane wave IE Im coax Wave Impedance Property of TEMZ Mode Faraday39s Law V X E jau1j 3 8E Take the x component of both sides E y jauHx ay 82 The field varies as Ey xy Z Ey0 xy 6 ij Hence jkEy jauHx By am W E 2 Therefore we have H k 0 ya 8 x Vsz jmy Now take they component of both sides aEC aEx jaHy 8x 62 Hence jkEx jatu Therefore we have Ex 0 a 277 H k a 8 8 Summary y 777 X 77 I hese two equations may be written as a single vector equation E 7sgtlt51 l he electric and magnetic fields of a I EMZ wave are perpendicular to each other and the amplitudes of them are related by 77 coax The fields look like a plane wave in the central region IE Im Examples m icrostrip E plane wave I Ir a waveguide the fields Qahhot be I EMZ I y T PEG bouhdar y proof Assume a TIERI2 field x Waveguide B E d gt 0 property of flux Iihe IQ jE 62739 gt O A C bohtr adictioh qEdr I7 72dS I Z S 0 I araczl ay39 law ir I C S at S at ir Itegr al for m In a waveguide there are two types of fields TMZ HZ 0 E27 0 TEZ E2 0 H27 0 ECE 3317 Prof David R Jackson Notes 1 Waveguidiwrmg Chapter 5


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