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Psychology 1113, Week 5

by: Elsa Finley-Combs

Psychology 1113, Week 5 PSY 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Psychlogy > PSY 1113 > Psychology 1113 Week 5
Elsa Finley-Combs
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos

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About this Document

These notes cover Chapter 5
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos
Class Notes
Intro to Psychology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elsa Finley-Combs on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jenel Cavazos in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Elements of Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 02/18/16
Introduction to Psychology Chapter 5 Notes Week 5 Sleep Consciousness Level of awakeness and awareness of one s surroundings High level Fully awake and aware controlled processing using many mental resources Low level Automatic process few mental resources ex casual speaking walking Altered Level Hypnosis hallucinogenic drugs Not awake or able to react normally Subconscious awareness Dreaming Non Conscious awareness Being in a coma or knocked unconscious Circadian Rhythm A being s 24 hour sleepwake cycle responding to changes in light Seasonal Affective Disorder A stage of depression that occurs at the same time each year usually in winter gtkHormone treatments and spending time outside will help Why do we sleep Humans sleep at night because we don t have night vision to survive in darkness Sleep preserves memories of things learned throughout the day REM Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Characteristics Vivid Dreams Body muscles unable to move paralyzed Increased irregular heartbeat Body s internal workings function like person is awake Rebound Effect A person spends more time in REM sleep after a night of sleep deprivation Sleep Disturbances Insomnia Having trouble falling asleepstaying asleep Sleep Apnea Having trouble staying asleep due to breathing problems EX Shallow breathing lapses in breathing SleepwalkingSleeptalking Common in young children 6 12 years more present in boys occurs in Stages 3 and 4 of sleep People don t know what causes it that runs in the family If prone to sleepwalking stress drugs and alcohol induce it more People don t remember the incident and they are often hard to wake up Usually not dangerous unless the person is in a different layout where there are objects that can hurt them EX Falling down stairs People have committed murder while sleepwalking and they can sometimes get off using it as a reason Night Terrors Don t happen during REM sleep Usually present in children ages 3 8 Kids will wake up screaming shocked crying Often won t remember the episode in the morning Narcolepsy People will fall asleep in the middle of conversations activities Usually occurs during a quiet activity The person will fall directly into REM sleep very quickly Are not aware they fall asleep at such a rapid rate HypnagogicHypnopompic Hallucinations Hypnagogic occurs when people fall asleep hypnopompic occurs when people are waking up Often times people feel paralyzed and have hallucinations where they see things on the walls or on their bodies Can be very terrifying Cataplexy People lose muscle use quite extreme Person can fall over because muscles in legs and body give out This often happens in response to something really funny or really sad or another very emotional trigger Dreams Dreams can often be seen as a manifestation of real life Two types of Dream Content Sigmund Freud believed that dreams would hint at what a person s unconscious desires were believed that dreams were symbolic Manifest Content What happened in the dream what the person remembers Latent Content Symbolism of manifest content Cognitive Theory Dreams take a person s already formed memories thoughts and encountered problems and use them in the dream Activation Synthesis Theory Random memories put together in a storyline by the brain Nightmares The brain is testing out theories for how to handle possible emergencies A person is put through scary situations to see how well they can handle it Brain is preparing itself and body for an emergency Drugs Tolerance The more you take of a substance the more you need of it to achieve the same effect Drug Dependence Physical Physical pain and physical symptoms from drug withdrawal Psychological Emotional need a person feels like they need the substance but does not have physical symptoms gtkSome drugs have one type of symptoms or both activate d0pamine a brain involved with both and addiction Dopamine wants you to repeat the use drugs in yorder to feel better In addiction cases drugs stimulate the to andgpeople lose their behavioral cantrol over drug use


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