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Solutions and chemical kinetics notes

by: JessicaJ

Solutions and chemical kinetics notes Cem 152 (P. Hunt)

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Chemistry > Cem 152 (P. Hunt) > Solutions and chemical kinetics notes

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About this Document

These notes were taken on 2/17/16 & 2/19/16. They cover solutions, including van't hoff, and chemical kinetics, including various collisions.
Principles of Chemistry
P. Hunt
Class Notes
collisions, Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, van't hoff, Chemistry
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by JessicaJ on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Cem 152 (P. Hunt) at Michigan State University taught by P. Hunt in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Principles of Chemistry in Chemistry at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 02/18/16
Solutions  Use of Van’t Hoff equation to find molecular weights of macromolecule cells o Know mass of the macromolecular sample o Dissolve the sample as ‘B’ in your osmotic pressure apparatus o Measure pi, T (temperature), and known R (gas constant) o Calculate molarity o Calculate molecular weight (measured in Daltons)  Engineering application: o Apply excess pressure to the solute-containing side of the apparatus.  This drives solvent from the solution to the pure solvent  “reverse osmosis”  Colloidal dispersions Phase Primary Secondary Type Example Gas Solvent Solute -------- --------- Gas Gas --------- --------- Gas Liquid Aerosol Fog Gas Soild Aerosol Smoke Liquid Liquid Gas Foam Whipped Cream Liquid Liquid Emulsion Milk Liquid Solid Sol Paint Solid Solid Gas Solid Foam Marshmallow Solid Liquid Solid Emulsion Butter Solid Solid Solid Sol Ruby  Detect colloidal dispersions by using: o Tyndall Effect  Due to the fact that colloids scatter light  Headlights thro fog effect  Crenation o Cell shrinking that is caused from low concentration in the cell o Water flows out causing the cell to shrivel  Hemolysis o Internal concentration is too high o Water flows in cell causing it to burst o Use saline solutions in IVs to prevent this 2-19-16 Notes Chemical Kinetics Chemical Kinetics vs. Thermodynamics How far does a reaction proceed? How far does reaction go?  How frequently do collisions occur? o Cross sections o Speed of motion/kinetic energy  How effective are they when they do occur? o Molecularity and geometry  Unimolecular – one (atom) molecule  Bimolecular – two molecule  Trimolecular or termolecular – three molecules  Tertramolecular – four o Energetics Energy Extent of rxn  Endergonic reaction  Energy if sufficient to go for the activated complex (classically permitted)  Classically forbidden but possible w/ low probability due to duration  Forbidden o Dynamics  Energetically permissible final states of a collision may nevertheless not be reachable by a finite point  Elastic collisions  Inelastic collisions  Reactive  Exchange A+BC  ABC  Dissociative A+BC  A+B+C  Other non-reactive  San  Rational  ?---tional  Electronic  Collinear collisions A+BC  AB+C 


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