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CL 113 Lecture 10 Feb 17

by: Lauren Palermo

CL 113 Lecture 10 Feb 17 CL 113LEC

Lauren Palermo
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Lecture 10 Hesiod Theogony
Myth & Religion Anc World
Woodard, R D
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Palermo on Thursday February 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CL 113LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Woodard, R D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Myth & Religion Anc World in Classical Studies at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 02/18/16
Lecture 10 Feb 17 Phoenicians  They also inhabited Cyprus Island  NOT Indo-Europeans; they are Semitic o Semitic languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic  Greeks adopted a Phoenician deity on this island o Astarte- she became the Greek deity Aphrodite  During this time (Greek Dark Age)- Greeks acquired many elements that are related to their myths Hesiod  8 century B.C. (along with Homer)  Poet  Composed a poem about how it all began; how the gods were born etc. o This is called the Theogony (birth of the Gods)  Offers certain traditions that we encounter among other Indo-European people  He says that in the beginning there was only Chaos o Chaos is denoted as empty space; great void; divine being o Produces offspring- Darkness and Night  Gaea o 2 nddivine being ‘Earth’ o Has a son Uranus- ‘heaven/Ouranos’, Urea ‘mountains’ and Pontus ‘Sea’  Fatherless conceptions o Gaea & Uranus produce children call the “12 Titans” o This is the first time offspring are produced with a father o Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetas (the first 5 are sons) o Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemisyne, Phoebe, Tethys o The youngest of the Titans is Cronus (Kronos) o They also have 3 Cyclopes- 1 eye o Produce Hecatoncheires- anatomically peculiar set of 3 sons  “Hundred Handed-Ones” 50 heads, 100 arms  Tartarus- a dark place in the depths of the ground o 3 divine being  Eros (love, desire, erotic) o 4 divine being  Oceanus  Produces children with his wife Tethys  ‘Rivers of the world’ – the sons  ‘Oceanids’- the daughters  Nymphs of springs and waters Iapetus  He marries one of the Oceanids- Clymene  Atlas- Son o Giant who shoulders the burden of heaven and earth  Prometheus- son o Friend to human kind; gives us fire o Zeus later turns him into a mountain Hyperion  Soldier deity  Wife- Theia  Produce 3 children: Helios ‘Sun’, Selene ‘Moon’, and Eos ‘Dawn’ Phoebe  Coeus- husband Crius  Eurybia- wife  Daughter of Gaea and Pontus Mnemosyne  Zeus- husband  Their children are the Muses o Goddesses of Artistic inspiration Uranus  As each of his children are born, he hides them in ‘earth’ aka Gaea  Her burden becomes too much so she asks her children to help her o Cronus is the only one willing to help o Gaea gives Cronus a sickle made out of adamant (hardest of all elements) that has great jagged teeth Cronus vs. Uranus  Gaea gives Cronus a place to hide with the sickle  Uranus arrives with intentions to make love to Gaea  Cronus castrates Uranus with the sickle o The blood that flows from the wound impregnates Gaea o Cronus throws the castrated genitals into the sea and Aphrodite is born  Conceiving creatures called Erinyes (Furies- Rome) o Avenging spirits  Gaea Conceives a race of Giants and the Meliae (Nymphs) o Nymphs- Ash Tree  Titans are now released from within their mother Cronus  Becomes King of Heaven after he emasculated his father  He marries Rhea  Produce offspring: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus  Swallows each of his children as they are born o Rhea becomes tired of this and wants a solution (while she is pregnant with her 6 child) o She turns to her mother and father (Gaea and Uranus) for help o Gaea takes Rhea to Crete where she gives birth to Zeus  Cronus swallows a stone thinking it is Zeus o He gets rid of all of his children from inside him Hestia  Goddess of the Hearth Hera  Zeus’s eventual wife Hades  God of the Underworld Poseidon  God of sea Zeus  Cretan born Apollodorus  Wrote Bibliotheca- library of Greek Mythology  2ndcentury A.D. (some people think it was earlier than that)  He says that Metis (one of the Oceanids) was the first wife of Zeus o Gave Cronus a drug that caused him to regurgitate his children  Gaea tells Zeus that his daughter will be like him in wisdom and strength and the son will over throw him o So Zeus swallows Metis War between Titans and Gods Titans  Position themselves on top of Mt. Othrys Zeus  Takes position on Mt. Olympus  Goes on for 10 years o No winners  Zeus had released Cyclopes from inside Gaea o They give him the Thunderbolt and it becomes his characteristic weapon  Hundred handed-ones are still locked away until th the 10 year of the war and they join him on the fight o They come in handy


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