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Chapter 5 Notes (Student form)

by: Angelica Reed

Chapter 5 Notes (Student form) BIOL 1100

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Biological Sciences > BIOL 1100 > Chapter 5 Notes Student form
Angelica Reed
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Principles of Biology
Dr. Voytek

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About this Document

Here you go!
Principles of Biology
Dr. Voytek
Class Notes
BIOL, BIOL 1100, Biology, Chapter 5, five




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelica Reed on Friday February 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1100 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. Voytek in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Principles of Biology in Biological Sciences at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 02/19/16
g 0 0 0 O 0 CD 0 0 CD 0 O D Monosaccha ride Variation in re in four ways Lecaition of Carbonyl group Aldose found at the end Ketose faund in the middle Number of carbon present Triese Th ree Pentose Five Hexose six Spatial arrangement of atoms 1 Arrangement of the hydroxyl groups Linear and alternating frms Sugars tend to form ring structures in aqueous solutions St ru ctu res a re Va ri a bi e They are all unique cc haries complex ca rbhyd rates Simplest form disaccharides The monomers are identical or different I The reactions will always occur on the The linkages can farm Betw ere a two h yl rou The location and of these Va Wid iy am polysa cc ha ride I I a14 rglycosidic linkage and glycosidic linkage Both linkage5 are between the and C4 rbons Their geometry d ifferent so and B refer to the contrasting orientations of the 1 h roxy They a re on opposite sides of the plane of the glucose Types of polys Ian ts stere sugar as starch Mre of bra amylogpecti and un bra nchecl amylase alpha glucose polymer Animals stare sugar as glycogen Highly alpha glucose polymer Cel l lose Polymer Beta glucose monomers Chitin A polymer found in flu i cell walls some algae and a ni mail exo skeleton Comprised of Nac monemers Pepti djglycan Structural support fr bacterial cell walls summer new 51 Felyeaeeherittee litter in Structure 0 Backbones of alternating monosaccharides Memorize chart Starch Lleerj fer energy V storage in plant CHEDH eelle such ea in petateea fEIUGDSE if uni1 emergeea cl c HH quot5 quotmight mm 3m Unbranehed helix Branehed helieee amylase amylopeetin titmegen 7 39 Used fer energy storage in animal Bella such as in gt V I 39r39vlJrJJhu an Innerand mueeleal 131 1 Mag 1 H aGlueeee aGlueeee elhinee liGIIJGDEE Glueese CH39EE39J H 1 Used fer strueiural eupeerl in cell walla e l giants and many algae lquot i 5391 lye I L39 L l39 H H II l39l Ii quotquot3nn39l391ert limit IIIDUDUI IIUUIIUIII39 IIUUIDIIII It ll H l l tlhitin 39 iujLHrsnrsm errant Lleee ter structural sueeert in the cell walla ef fungi and the eetemal ekeletens ei lneeete and erueteeeene 39Ji39TTEI39VFii39II W V Ill ll ts39luzjllquot LHAUH i 39 i i l rquotgItl inn 1 lentil lillulL is II 937 I39Fl aft l lr quotquot I limi Petttitlnglyean USECI Til atmetu ral euppert in beeteriel eell Itiralla gillll llitililtl l1 39 l IILL IrEJ f 39 39 N39litit ltiHJ H l39llP w T Ilr ilil 3 al gllillliU sacral i tunnel n pnnntlo nasal witquot i u quot Eiiilll 39lelilll eaquot l quotlquotl lailttl til if I39EIi ln39llnl ljrail39ll t39 l fi f i H lftg I PEF EIIIEI Sl39l l l ld j tl l lily El l ti trends Cellulose chitin and peptidoglycan 0 Form long strains with bonds 0 Strength and elasticity Beta 1 4 linkage are 0 Dif cult to hydrolyze Unlike the e1l4kglycosidlc linkages in the Storage psolfnyaCChafr ides V e ry few enzymes Have active sites that accmmodate the B3914 glycosiic linkage39s geometry Or have the reactive groups necessary to hydrolyze them Most mono sacs Cha rides a re 0 Readily synthesized under conditions that mimic early Earth conditions 0 The prebiotic soup Polysacciharides played no role in the origin of life 10 Requires specialized enzymes toquot form them 10 Do not catalyze a Known reactions 0 Cannt provide information required to be cepied Carbis serve as o Prvide brous structu ra materials 0 Cell identity 10 Chemical energy 0 Provide structural support Water excluded and fibers tend to be insoluble Absence of water makes hydrolysis difficul th a good thing Are resistant to decay Cell Identity 0 Display information on outer surface of cells i n the form of glycoproteins Proteins joined to rbs by covalent bonds 0 Gly cop rotesi n s a re key molecules Cell to cel I recognition i to cell signaling


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