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Review Sheet for MUSI 6397 with Professor Davis at UH


Review Sheet for MUSI 6397 with Professor Davis at UH

Marketplace > University of Houston > Review Sheet for MUSI 6397 with Professor Davis at UH

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
MUSI 6397 graduate theory review Page 2 of 6 W 0610 class canceled today due to assignment 1 fugue subjects and illness Stay tuned to your email answers Print this assignment and and this web site for updates to follow the instructions the course schedule Th 0611 class canceled today due to assignment 2 fugue exposition Bach illness Stay tuned to your email F major fugue WTC I Eb major and this web site for updates to fugue WTC I the course schedule score copies F major fugue Lb major fugue Make a photocopy of the score for each piece mark on the score the following 1 end of the first subject statement 2 each entry of subject or answer in the expoisition with voice numbers 3 real or tonal answer if tonal mark why 4 key of the answer 5 countersubject if present if no countersubbject make a note of this 6 bridge if present 7 end of exposition 2 M 0615 finish fugues handout summary of structural elements of fuges Begin sonata forms normative sonata form review normative sonata rondo form review class repertoire Beethoven Sonata op 2 no 1 in F minor mvt i Burkhart 219 sonata form T 0616 finish normative sonata forms class repertoire Beethoven Sonata op 2 no 1 in F minor mvt i Burkhart 219 Mozart Sonata K 333 in Bb major mvt i Burkhart 175 fileCDocuments and Settingsandrew davisDesktopcourses200 782009 MUSI 6397 graduate theory review W 0617 normative sonata rondo forms class repertoire Beethoven sonata in Bb major op 22 iv rondo alleg retto score sonata rondo form begin variant sonata forms class repertoire in order of discussion in class 1 Beethoven op 10 no 1 ii altered formal scheme sonata without development quotsonatinaquot Burkhart 228 2 Beethoven sonata op 53 quotWaldsteinquot i altered Romantic tonal scheme Burkhart 263 3 Mozart piano concerto in A major K 488 i altered hybrid formal scheme score 4 Schubert Quartettsatz D 703 altered tonal and formal scheme score 5 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique i altered formal scheme score today Beethoven op 10 no 1 mvt ii Page 3 of 6 Th 0618 today Beethoven sonata op 53 quotWaldsteinquot i Burkhart 263 Mozart K 488 score time permitting handouts on K 488 summary of concerto first movement form K 488 thematic catalog 3 M 0622 fileCDocuments and Settingsandrew davisDesktopcourses200 assign group presentations today group presentation assignment scores for group presentations group 1 Schubert D 810 group 2 Mozart K 387 assignment 3 review of normative sonata and sonata rondo forms Mozart piano sonata in Bb K 333 mvts ii and iii Burkhart 181 and 184 One of these movements is a sonata form the other is a sonata rondo form You must decide which 782009 MUSI 6397 graduate theory review group 3 Haydn H XVIZSZ today Schubert Quartettsatz D 703 Page 4 of 6 movement exhibits which form On a separate clean sheet of paper one per movement draw a map summarizing the formal design of each movement using measure numbers similar to what we39ve done in class Be sure to show the location of these elements in each movement 1 exposition development and recapitulation 2 important cadences end of P themes end of transitions end of 5 themes end of exposition end of development end of movement before coda 3 main key areas two in exposition more in development fileCDocuments and Settingsandrew davisDesktopcourses200 T 0623 today Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique i Discuss assignment 3 UNIT 2 POSTTONAL ANALYSIS W 0624 first half of class MIDTERM EXAM three essay questions requiring you to synthesize concepts and materials studied in class See this handout for preparation second half of class begin pc set theory topics 1 pitch pitch class pitch class set octave equivalence enharmonic equivalence integer notation and its justification 2 normal order prime form inversion inversional equivalence set class parallels with tonal theory and analysis root positoon transposition for purposes of comparison inversion and permutation of chords etc class repertoire 782009 MUSI 6397 graduate theory review 1 Schoenberg Three Pieces for Piano op 11 no 1 1909 Burkhart 420 score copy 2 Schoenberg quotNachtquot no 8 from Pierrot Lunaire op 21 1912 score and text 3 Webern quotWie bin ich frohquot no 1 from Three Songs op 25 1934 Burkhart 482 score copy 4 Webern Concerto for Nine Instruments op 24 1931 34 score handouts reference material on pc set theory from Joseph N Straus Introduction to Post Tonal Theory 2d ed Prentive Hall 2000 chapter 1 chapter 2 Page 5 of 6 fileCDocuments and Settingsandrew davisDesktopcourses200 Th 0625 continue pc set theory SEE ASSIGNMENT 5 you39ll have until Tuesday next week to turn this in Be topics intervals pitch intervals working 0 it before the and feel ordered V5 unordered intervaIsl free to raise questions about it in interval class interval class vector Class and its usefulness 4 M 0629 continue pc set theory topics structural functions of pc sets and analogies to tonal stuctures discussion of assigments 5 and 6 T 0630 new topic alternative approaches to assignment 5 pc set theory Due atonality and pitch organization today repertoire part 1 Straus Introduction to Post 1 Debussy quotVoilesquot no 2 from Tonal Music p 13 part 1 nos 1a and Pre39ludes book 1 1910 score b p 14 part II nos 1 3 and 4 p 15 part III nos 1 and 2 p 17 part 2 Ives quotThe Cagequot 1906 VIII no 1 1mm Burkhart 435 part 2 p 54 part I no 2 all part 3 Bartok quotDiminished 5thquot no 11 05 2 all and 3 all P 55 Part 101 from Mikrokosmos vol 4 1932 HI 0 2 all 1m 39 score Burkhart 451 139 terms and concepts pentatonic scales hexatonic whole tone scales diatonic scales diatonic modes octatonic scales W 0701 more alternative approaches to assignment 6 non diatonic scales atonality and pitch organization On a clean sheet of manuscript paper 782009 MUSI 6397 graduate theory review 12 tone serialism repertoire 1 Schoenberg Suite for Piano op 25 minuet and trio 1921 23 score 2 Webern Concerto for Nine Instruments op 24 1931 34 score 3 Webern quotWie bin ich frohquot no 1 from Three Songs op 25 1934 score Page 6 of 6 write these scales in any octave using any clef there may be more than one possible answer for some a whole tone starting on G b octatonic starting Eb F c pentatonic starting on B d Hungarian minor starting on E see the BenjaminHorvitNelson text for this one e octatonic starting on A Bb f pentatonic starting on G 9 whole tone starting on G h whole tone starting on F Th 0702 group presentations today see mp assignment 7 basic 12 tone theory W finish 12 tone serialism Strauss p 164 part 1 nos 1 2 13th copy For question 1 write the P7 scores for group presentations R10 R16 and 15 forms only of rows a and b at the top of the page group 1 Schubert D 810 You only need to give your answers in either staff notation or integer form group 2 Mozart K 387 whichever you prefer Answer all of question 2 Identify each of these row group 3 Haydn H XVI52 forms39 F 0703 final exam the final will be given at two alternate tmes 1 900am noon 2 100pm 400pm Both exam times will be in room 110 You don39t need to tell me in advance what time you plan to come If you have a conflict with both times you must tell me in advance Refer to this handout in preparation for the final exam Last updated January 13 2008 URL httpwwwuheduadavisSmusi2214 Comments adavis at uhedu 2008 Andrew Davis fileCDocuments and Settingsandrew davisDesktopcourses200 782009 MUSI 6397 graduate theorv Tewew Pagel of6 Survey of Music Theory II MUSI 6397 Summer 2009 Professor Andrew Dav em 39 adavis at uhedu euurse syllabus Shortcut tn the current week assummg I remember ta keep the hnk updated NOTES Burkhart refers ta the charTes Burkhart Ahmoogy for Mum Ahaysrs ath ed redurred fur the eaurse Emahy mes are W PDF Turmat Ta read these yuu H heed the Adube Acmbat Reader Whmh ynu eah Dbtam Tdr Tree here ssrdhmehts are hsted W the assrdhrheht eaTurhh ON THEIR DUE DATE assrdhmehts are due at the bEgmmng amass ASSIGNMENT DLIE due at dass WEEK DATE TOPICS AND HANDOLITS We ah the day mdmated uNn lTONAL ANALYSIS 1 M usua no class tuday 39n be but of tuwn cTass starts Tuesda Juhe ug T Ensn9 eaurse ntruductmn mph rudues Expnsmnnsmntermrs ahd dusmgs eTass TEpETtmTE 1 Each c mmDr fugue WTC bank I stars 2 Each c mmDr fugue WTC bank I stars 3 Each c mmDr fugue WTC bank 11 stars 4 Hande Am eh Tram Messrah scare hahdauts fugue sub eets answers hrddeh fugue sub eets same subjects answers reveaTed We C Documents and Settmgsandrew davSDe5ktopcour5e5200 782009


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